LA Art Show

The LA Art show was in town about 2 weekends ago. 
the only reason i knew about it was because Living Social had sent me an email. 2 tickets for $10 and of course the bug didn't bite until it was TOO late to get the tickets. still went and so glad i did. 

as always, a hundred pictures. 
im one to HATE collage pictures but i had to here to include all most of the pictures i took. 
besides the few that i do know because ive seen their work everywhere, i do not know most of the artists names. im just here to share but if you happen to know, please let me know and ill give proper credit. 

jump on over!

^so lifelike!!!
Warhol & Dali
barbies; when you moved to the side you saw a different image.

 he was actually there painting live but i didnt get to see him
this piece of his is what first caught my attention. 
@starfightera and collab. 
i was geeking out SO hard to find this piece. so glad i did and doesnt she remind you of Ellen
the belle is part of the profanity pop series im guessing. she wasnt at the gallery but its by the same artist. 
can you believe these are all made out of screws!? 
talent i say!

i think the reason i hesitated to go was cause i didnt want to go by myself (which is weird cause im all about solo missions!) so i dragged my sister. next time im definitely going solo. haha. 
of all the pieces listed this one was my favorite! super random but i loved it!

i need to start hitting up the museums in my area man! i love this kind of stuff. 
ooh! and also, if you're in the LA are this weekend, a lot of museums are hosting a free entrance day, Saturday the 31st (with the exception of special exhibitions) so check it out! ill be at work so i cant go but you definitely should if ya can!

hope you enjoyed!

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