Snapshot Sunday // 2

its 12:16 am on my side of the world and chances are i wont be going to sleep at all tonight. not any time soon anyways. 

after my last post i laid down to take a nap and low and behold; i passed out until 8pm!
whaaat? i guess my sleep was all messed up and i needed basically all of Saturday to recover. i slept so hard i missed my call to Vegas. (sorry Mon!)
lets get started! (: 

leaves at work. LOVE THEM! and my pedicure has been going strong since i got them done at the beginning of the year!
went to Disneyland on Friday since it had been forever. i wanted to take a close up picture of the balloon's but they let me hold em! eeek!!
have i posted this before? 
either way, i took this picture on accident! and i love how it looks like if i did that effect on accident. 
that picture on my computers background is from here.
cuddle buddy.
cuddle buddies.
got this months ABM happy mail!!! i LOVE it!!!! this month was so cute to me that i had to get it. 
thank god their paypal thing doesn't work because i was thisclose to signing up for the entire year, which I'm not trying to do!
got Adam's 1 page at time book! im having fun filling this out! 

off to do some sewing.
have a good night everyone! <3 

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