Hello January


hello everyone! hello 2015!
aahhh!!! the new year is here!

yesterday was my birthday! (hello 27!) 
my mom and sus took me out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and OMG!!! i have never been SO FULL in my life. my plate was sooo good and i got so full once i left, i passed the carrot cake slice i so badly wanted to taste (ok devour!). oh well, i will be back for you!

what did you do for new years?
i ended up going to the Long Beach New Years Eve Bash. 
in 27 years, this was the first time i left my grama's nest to go celebrate somewhere else. lets just say next year, its a friends house or im staying home. it was just ahh!!
other than that it was all good! 
everyone went back work today and i've been at home laying in bed binge watching Parks and Rec and i am beyond okay with that!
my mom's currently making me some of her delicious chicken soup for me as a birthday wish/gift and im soooooooooo excited. seriously, i love her soup!

i have no plans so far and i'm liking it this way. im just going with it as it goes. 
although if im being 100% honest, im already trying to plan a way to get out to Big Sur again. lets make that happen!!! that's all i want. 

i hope 2015 started off great for you. 
im happy warm and cozy. i couldn't ask for more. 

Happy New Years Guys!!!!
i hope 2015 is an amazing year for you. 
lets make it a good one.
oooh! i just realized that technically, my little ol' blog turns 3 as well! (: 
happy birthday blog!
(yes i geek out over that stuff!) 

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