Snapshot Sunday (on a Wednesday!) // Goodbye 2014

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we hit up Gold Room in Echo Park on Monday after a failed attempt to go ice skating at LA Live. 
for $4 dollars you get a shot, a PBR AND tacos. basically, unlimited tacos. 
whaaaaat a deal!!!!
best way to spend the last Monday of 2014
- mon // me // infamous karen! -
364 //
 took this babe out on a walk finally. 
she's my everything!!!!!!!
365 // 
aaaaand the last one of the year!!!!
(you can back track here)

2014 was AMAZING!
i will admit leaving 2013, i was scared. i was finally doing things and going out and making memories and i was scared 2014 wouldn't live up to the hype. wanna know what i learned? 

life is what YOU make it

2014 thought me SO many things. 
about myself, life, love, friends, family, work, EVERYTHING!
i love life. i love 2014 as much as a person can love 365 days. 
they weren't always the best but looking back, 2014 was AMAZEBALLS!!!!
i would change not a single thing. 
and you know what? im leaving this year behind with butterflies in my stomach!

i wont lie, i am a little bit scared of 2015 but its okay to feel like that. i cant wait to see what you have in store for me 2015. i welcome you with open arms. 
right now in California its about to be 1pm so we have 11 and so hours before the ball drops. let zee countdown begin (sorta)

thank YOU for reading my blog all the times that you did. for every comment and all the pen pals i made here. thank you so much! i hope i made you laugh from time to time. 
i hope you see the honesty of what i write when i get sentimental with you from time to time.
i cant wait to see you in 2015 as well. 
take care! and know that from the bottom of my heart, i love you!!!!

2014!, i will miss you dearly!!!!



thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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