Big Sur // Pictures Pt 1

posted all the sappy stuff earlier so this is just strictly pictures! ;) 
not very many but this is what i got!
we have Dockweiler beach out here by where i leave, well i mean its a small drive but still. 
anyways, when i was a kid, i have this memory of going and being in the water with my cousin Chris, well i dont remember 100% but i think it was him that got sucked in to a situation like the one listed above and i just started laughing so hard because all that he did was say "move out the way bitch" and used me as a way to get out. meaning he threw me in to the ditch! oh man!!!! luckily i didnt get sucked in. 
just how i like him; far away from me. 
just kidding J. ;)
all pictures below are from The Henry Miller Library and the surrounding area. 
now can you see why this drive had me all in love!!!! i mean look at the views!!!   

im assuming the library's / bookstore resident cat. 
he was soooo fluffy!!!

these pictures were on my camera so ill come back with post #2 
that'll have all my phone pictures. not that many more i promise! but i mean, its nature stuff!
you cant be mad at that!

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