DIY: String Art

oh string are, well you. 
i love you! but you are a pain!
DIY | Nail and Yarn Wall Art (via @jenloveskev).
Nail & Yarn Wall Art pt. 2 (via @jenloveskev)

as you can see, i was inspired by the lovely Jen
I've seen this trend everywhere! (seen here, here and here!) but I'll admit, it was Jen's that made me fall in love with the idea of it. 
EXCEPT that i couldn't commit to the idea of doing it on my wall....i know myself well enough to know that id mess it up one way or another so i definitely admire Jen for her commitment!

-string color of your choice (i started with black ended with orange) 
-nails (of your size choice)
-paint (i used craft paint and you only need 1 bottle. you wont use it all) 
-wood to your size liking (i did 8x11.5 because i already had hooray printed to that size) 
-print out of whatever you want to string (i had an extra Hooray from my brothers birthday)
-tape (i used washi)
paint your wood and let dry! i did two coats and they dried fairly fast so i was already stringin' (is that a legit word?) that same night!
once your wood dries, place the printout letter over the wood and hammer away!
and when you remove the sheet, this is what it will look like (see above). you might need the sheet again so be careful when removing it! 
(i did end up going back to add more nails to the H. that letter was so effing hard to string!!!)
see what i mean!? i hated the H...i must have tried it 100 different ways. 
(ha! bad example to use!!!) 
i wasn't picky about whether or not the nails lined up and maaaybe i should have buuut i didn' i did the next best thing and used washi tape and went from there. i also used a nail filer. as i was doing the O, i would follow along with the string just to make sure that they way i was nailing in the nails, would make sense when I'd string 'em later. this is the first O i made and i loved how it came out so i think its a good idea to use if you're just free handing it like i was.  
MENTAL NOTE: buy a ruler les
when i first started putting the nails, i started with the basic spots like the corners and went from there on. just a guessing game for me. 
(sorry that I'm being so horrible with this!) 
once i was done nailing all the nails on to the wood i started threading. 
i didn't really snap a lot of pictures of the process cause well that part is entirely up to you. do your own style!
for some letters i went on the outside of it first (seen above) for other words i did the design first then the outside. 
this is the final result!!!
that H!!!! gah!
i fell that the second O and the A can be filled in a little more but i love how it came out!

if ya make something leave me a link! 
id love to see what you made. 

im at work today but i have a feeling when i get home in going to go room-cleaning crazy so ill post a pic later on once i do put this up on my wall. 
cant wait!!! 

thanks for reading and happy Saturday! (: 

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