Hello December

kind of a gloomy picture for such a beautiful month!
but its rain! and i love rain! and there was no better way to say goodbye to November and Hello to December with other than rain! <3

as i type this, im at work listening to Capital Cities (which by the way!, the pictures FINALLY uploaded so stay tuned!) and its raining outside some more! 
love love love

17 days to Big Sur!
23 days to Christmas
30 days to the New Year but most importantly MY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D
which i might add, for the first time in 26 years, i might actually do something!
December you are shaping up to be greeat!

its been quiet on here for a bit. 
got promoted at work and i've been swamped here working mostly 6 days a week but i am NOT complaining. im really thankful that sorta mouthing off about it got me promoted!

i hate to cut this short! but i have to go! 
and there's not a lot to say but its crazy to think that the next time you read one of these its going to be 2015!!!!!

i wont get sappy here (saving that for another post!) but 2014, you were AMAZING!!!!! and you're still not over. 

thank you so much for stopping by daily and reading when you can!
i love you more than 2014 itself! ;)

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