Life, you are great // Big Sur Recap

we went to The Henry Miller Library on the way home. all the tables outside had pumpkins on them. and you know how much i love those little suckers! 

so we got home last night around 8ish maybe. i don't remember. we left our airb&b at 1057 am (check out was 11) and we then just drove back towards the 1 to head to the Bixby Bridge. eeek!!! i drove on the bridge ya guys! unfortunately, we didn't get to get off cause it was kinda hard to find parking but just driving on it was amazing! 
there were other little side nooks and crannies that we pulled over on and just enjoyed those views. 

so let me back up here.

we meant to leave early buuut thats never the case. my car needed an oil change so i made the earliest appointment possible. turns out where i was supposed to go was closed (!!!!) and they didn't bother to mention that to me until i was going crazy calling to see where my apt was at. 
1030 show up time lasted until about 12. i couldn't go earlier during the week because my mom has been using my car. 
anyways, we didn't end up leaving until like 5 ish maybe? traffic was horrible. we were literally in traffic for about 2/3 hrs. never have i seen the time arrival on a gps go up with the time (ex: time: 630 arrival 1230 // time: 645 arrival: 1245) we finally got out of traffic and just drove all the way. we stopped in some city got some booze and headed to our place. we got there a little after midnight and just drank some beers and watched tv. 

apparently Jonathan is an insomniac. 
while i was waking up at like 8, he was going to bed. long story short he wasn't awake until 4 and i was dying of cramps so we didn't do much that day either. when we finally did get up we drove to the Bixby Bridge but stopped by Monastery beach. its ridiculous how beautiful it was. i saw it from the corner of my eye before we got there and i had to get off. 
the sand!!!! im used to our sand out here...sorta just grain (and black sand in El Salvador) but their sand was just soft little rocks; it's the best way i can describe it. we need that sand everywhere!!!!! 
from there on i made J drive (which i learned he hates! -.-) and we went to the bridge. 
it was already gloomy so there wasnt much to see but we managed to hit the bridge and kept driving a bit more. 
i wanted to go eat at Deetjeens but i lost gps signal so i couldnt get directions. we turned around and headed back home. (turns out it was just down the same way but it was too dark to have been noticeable specially since we've both never been.)
we ended up having dinner at Black Bear Diner. picked up Uno (which he let me have so i love him even more now!!!) and went home to have more drinks and play many rounds of uno. 2 of which i won. maybe 3 but i lost a lot. 

monastery beach

he would be falling asleep and hour before we have to leave! .-.
we packed all our stuff and i just gps'd it on my phone to take us to Big Sur. all down the 1 so we were good. 
we passed the bridge, we stopped at some sights where we could pull over and ended up at The Henry Miller Library and picked up some books! then we stopped at Deetjeen's which is really close and got off and walked a bit there. in that restaurant / inn, there is a little river stream where you can have picnics. I'm not sure how it works right now that its a bit colder but during the summer you can go and have picnics in the river. they have tables and chairs set up for you and all (seen here) i couldn't find it so we just left. 
from there on out, Jonathan being the best co-pilot he is, passed out until we were about an hour and 40 minutes from home. (im being serious! go to sleep and let me listen to my music! he was the best copilot ever! i got my trip and got to go with someone and they were quiet the whole time lol.) 

last year when i went to San Francisco, i wanted to take the 1 home but the GPS kept telling me to take the 5 and im super blah when it comes to east/north/west/south once you get me out of my area so i just followed the directions. 

luckily this time, the 1 was all we took. 

guys,(thanks for still reading). 
that drive was B E A U T I F U L!!!!!
i cannot express to you what that drive is like, i mean ill try but you know. 
we left Oceanside. it has the beach but also some forest features. 
we hit Big Sur and it's all forest. (insert heart eyes emoji) it reminded me of when i used to go camping in Yosemite. 
then you are just on the open road. you drive through it all. 
Ocean, forest, views. AAHHH!!!!!
its a long and winding road. 

curves everywhere. 

i cannot explain to you what that drive did for me. 
to me. 
it seriously touched my soul. 
this trip was the best thing i have ever done for myself. like a gift that I've been waiting to give to myself. 
did i just get super touchy with you? 
sorry! but its the truth. 
the views were breathtaking. 
this world is such an amazingly beautiful space and i have seen none of it and if this little trip is blowing my mind, imagine what it would do to me if i traveled!? 
i am at peace with myself. 

a lot of people i know are doing their big things. getting married, starting a family or new jobs, being grown ups and ive always wondered how i'd know when i was a grown up. i mean yes, im about to be 27 and i take care of what i need to but it still makes me think at times you know. i feel like this trip reassured me that i am on the path that i am meant to be on. 
im doing things the right way now. 

ahhh!!!!! this trip was EVERYTHING!!!!!
so so good. 

yes, we might not have done everything that i wanted to do but like Jonathan said "who cares!, im on vacation." 
seriously, thats what i needed. 

thank you J for calling me out on this trip. 
everyone knew i wanted to go but no one came forward to go with me. only he did. 
and because of that i am forever grateful. 


yes, i took a few pictures! (come on its me haha!) 
but ill be back with those in a bit. i just wanted to get this all out there. 

thank you so much for reading. 
big sur, im coming for you again!!!!

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