man, 2014 has been my year!!!!
talk about winning stuff!!!
first it started with Studio DIY and donuts! then with Rachel and her e-course and then of course the several concert tickets i won. while AT CONCERTS haha!

this year has been AWESOME!!!
my last concert was supposed to be Capital Cities. i was okay with that cause they rocked it. but then, Alt 98.7 had their ALTimate Rooftop Christmas Party and of course i was trying to win tickets to no avail!

we literally won the last pair. (thanks frank) 
i was set! of course, MANY great bands but my heart was set on The Neighbourhood. 

as always, several pictures! 
BUSH (but mostly Gavin) 
seriously, i thought he was lucky for marrying Gwen but man, they're both lucky to have each other!
the voice on that man!!!!
and those eyes. 

^ this chick right here, TOTAL BABE!!!!

you wanna know the best part of all this!!! (besides seeing The NBHD right up front!!!?) i won tickets to go see Fitz and several other bands on New Years eve!!!!
eeekkk!!! i won free concert tickets at this free concert!!! ahhh!!!
how awesome is that!? 
and its all cause i posted this picture! i seriously think it was cause of the caption lol!
im just so excited that for once in my (almost) 27 years of life i will FINALLY be doing something for my bday; erm, well leading up to it! 

of course i took a trillion pictures of the nbdh but those have their own post cause yes, i took that many. 
ill post those in a bit!

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