Big Sur // Pictures pt.2

these uploaded from end to beginning but you get it. 
here's the last of the pictures i have. 
here's the sappy post and part 1

i know its a lot-ish. I'm about 100% i could have taken a lot more. but seriously it was more about being there. 
i seriously love this place. 
i cannot wait to go back. 
the picture on the right was a little small waterfall that was at the Big Sur Inn when i was looking for the picnic area. like i mentioned we didnt find it but it was still beautiful to see this. 
another of the cat cause i mean coome on!!!
i was hoping it wouldnt run off on me! luckily, it was falling asleep
you KNOW how much i love my out of focus pictures!!!
^^ panoramic picture of the beach when we caught it at night on saturday and more below. 
^^ this was on the way home. 
guys, the sunset, WOAH!!!! i've never seen one more beautiful than this. 
the way it lit eveything up! it was amazingly beautiful. 
i loved that on the way home i got to experience a little bit of everything. 
the ocean, the forest, the views! the cold, the hot, the windy (super windy by Santa Barbara. had to slow down) everything! 
seriously, this trip was SO good for the soul im still super cheesing right now. 

thanks for reading along! and if you ever get the chance to go, please do. 

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