Yes Please by Amy Poehler

read from 12/1-19/2014
isbn: 978-0-06-226834-1
published: 2014
nail polish: pink by the time i was done. not sure what i started with.

this book was SO good that after 30 pages, i HAD to go buy it. i wanted to highlight basically everything! (you can see some of my stickies sticking out.)

i didnt want to risk buying this book because i was not a HUGE fan of the Tina Fey book (gasps everywhere!!!) and i didn't want to experience the same thing with this one. 
luckily, i fell in love; Amy did not disappoint. 

she was so honest in this book. 
she talks about it all; beginning to now (til it was published anyways) her path to stardom, her kids births, some divorce stuff, how hard it is to write a book, her crazy growing up life. her drug use and her adventures. her ups and downs and everything in between. 

i love reading about comedians who talk about the struggle and what it took to get to where they are at. 
not that i have read very many but i mean look at the day and age we live in. all you need is a YouTube channel or an instagram or vine account and BOOM! put in the work (or lie about a lot of shit) and you have made it. 

there's not much that i can say other than pick this book up!!!!
i loved her before because of her goofiness but this book sold me and im now in love with Leslie Knope!!! haha. i just started Parks and Rec and i am hooked. how does Leslie get away with everything!? 

ill leave you with a few of my favorite things. 

-the reason for the tittle of her book. 
yes please!
"i love saying yes please. saying yes doesn't mean i dont know how to say no and saying please doesn't mean i am waiting for permission. Yes Please sounds powerful and concise. it's a response and a request; its not about being a good girl. its about being a real woman." 

- "i think we should stop asking people in their 20's what they "want to do" and ask them what they don't want to do. 
i agree. at (almost) 27 i DO NOT want kids. yet. i dont have a need to own a home and i do not have the need to be married because of my age (but i wont lie to you; 2 of those 3 i do want!)

i seriously do want that though! the feeling i mean! (page 18 so you can look up the meaning) 

-she talks about hormonal pregnant woman and John Hamm in the chapter laughing to crying to laughing. seriously could not stop laughing. 

-her birthing plan was highlarious!

-page 66. when she curses out the dude in first class; i can only hope to do that one day myself!!!

-the first paragraph in the chapter Talk to yourself like you're ninety. J O K E !!!

-"life is crunchy and complicated and all the more delicious." (page 101)

-all i know is that i will most likely NEVER in my life try drugs. like seriously. NEVER. i am a huge chicken shit when it comes to that. but should the day where i change my mind ever arrive, i hope its with Amy around! (page 126)

-her sex advise. its on point. funny, but on point!

- "pretending to not want something can work. really not caring if you get it takes a lifetime of practice." (page 222)

-the entire chapter of Time Travel. 
her views on it make you think. and its true. and i love her for opening my eyes to it. 
-"i realized that life is not fair or safe or even ours to own."
-"the more i time travel, the more i learn i am just where i need to be." (see what i mean!!! stuff like that gets me!!!) 

-the chapter My Boys
the way she describes having children makes me wish for my own. but all within time. its just a beautiful chapter to me. and i don't have kids! so i can imagine how the mommas feel. 

she just talks about it all in this book and i love it! and just like Elise, i loved this book SO MUCH, i just couldn't rush through it. i was reading it while i was in my last few weeks of school and i had to study for my final and i felt bad that i couldn't fully give my all to it but i loved the pace that i read it in. 
I'm not one to re-read books even though i have a goldfish memory but this book, i know i will definitely be picking it up again in a few months and giving it another read. and maybe this time ill have the guts to highlight what i wanted to highlight and maybe some more! i loved it so much i couldn't even bring myself to highlight it and thats the main reason i bought it!!!!

have you read this book?
what did you think? 
let me know. 

thanks for reading. 


  1. I haven't read this yet, but I got it from a friend for Christmas and I can't wait to crack it open!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

    1. i love this book!
      i love her outlook on life.
      let me know what you think once you have read it. for the friend who gifted this to you, KEEPER!!!

      thank you for stopping by and reading.

      Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!
      <3 -les


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