Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever by Dean Koontz

isbn: 9780804180931
published: 12/2014
read: in big sur in like 30 minutes
nail color: pink!!

I've said it before and I'm sure you guys are tired of reading it but Dean Koontz is my FAVORITE author.

if you haven't read the Odd Thomas series, you should pick it up. He's seriously one of his best characters and i think it's cause he's devoted so much to him! (Yes I have read the other books with the exception of the second to last one and I'm thinking of doing one big o' post on all of em)

He has the last book of the series coming out January 15th and you can bet I'm beyond excited (sorta like a late bday present) to pick it up.
Right before that one gets released though, he released a short story (hello 38 page ebook) bases on Odd Thomas & Stormy Llewellyn. 

Any who, **SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!** as we know in the first book Stormy dies. (Whyyyyyyyy did you go to work that day!!????) **SPOILER OVER**
this little quick read is based on the beginning of their relationship. What I love about it is that towards the end Odd states that he would never be able to write about his life while Stormy was alive because he would be to busy living his life with her in Pico Mundo...well there's like 7 books so you know what happens there.

While I did like this quick little story, you don't really need to read it to understand what's going on in the series itself.
Everything that is stated in this little quick read is included in book 1; about how him and Stormy belong together forever and how they received their fortune from the psychic in one try after the couple in front of them spent $2 to no avail.

There is a little mystery about a dead guy but it's nothing too AHHHH! that you need to read to know what's going on in everything else. Basically Odd can see dead people and he uses his "powers," so to speak, to try and find out who killed a man with a meat cleaver which in the end turns out that he was the bad guy. I'm telling you $.99 isn't bad but you won't be lost if ya skip it. actually get it! its only $.99!
I seriously cannot wait to read the last book so I need to hurry up and catch on the others.

Are you a Dean Koontz fan?
If so, what's your favorite book?
Did you read this one?
Let me know.

Thanks for reading!
♡- Les

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