2014 New Years Resolutions {Catch Up}

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hey guys!!!
i know its already December but it still feels a tad bit early to be doing this post. 
however, knowing me, if i dont get to it now that i have a window, this wont be happening until Mid March...and lets face it, that aint fun. 

not that anyone is holding me accountable but i did just want to catch up on what 2014 was all about! well, resolutions wise. 

lets get to it!

man! i succeeded. 
until July! i had a throbbing headache and my coworker suggested i drink a coke. after 7+ months, that first drink was harsh!!
i wont lie, i probably had soda before like in a mix drink although im more of cranberry vodka kinda gal but hey, it could have snuck in there from time to time....is there soda in a long island ice tea? how about a lemon drop shot? i dont know im not a bartender!

i have had a soda from here to there maybe like 4 tops! lol okay 5. i went balls out for thanksgiving. it was the most amazing thing ever! my mom kept watching me with amazement!

i know i said no soda but i give myself props cause i mean to go from all the time multiple times to 5 in a year!? caaammmaaan that deserves some credit! ;) 

i did start drinking a lot more water so im happy about that! (: 

2. 365 Project
done did it! 
you can see them all here
i was late a few days (i think tops 3) i aimed for every Sunday. i was already doing this but i made it a "thing." i didnt have a theme so i think thats why i feel like i didnt completely do it but i did it and thats what counts!!!
not sure what i want to do for 2015 but ill still be here every Sunday! :D

3. The 52 week money challenge
pffffft!!!! that lasted up until about week 13. i was doing 2 weeks at once so it was adding up. 
actually a lot of shit came up that i pretty much drained my savings. sad face. 
but 2015! im kicking your ass (money saving wise!) i was thinking of starting this again BUT backwards....or maybe just like 20 every check or something like that....with this promotion i can put a little bit more to the side. 
i know this is going to sound stupid, but im better at saving when i don't plan it. 
weird, i know.

4. Hiking Sundays
this started off really well!!! and if i didnt go every Sunday, id go another day...then i got over it because you can only do the same trail every single time and i WONT explore a new trail solo (i've seen the news and all those lost hikers. NO THANKS!) 
when i stopped hiking however, i started running. then California kept it hella 100 for a good minute and i didnt want to die (and im lazy) i stopped. i picked it up again and now the sun is down at like 130pm so by the time im off, its dark city central. 
excuses? yea. heck yea. where there's will there's a way. 
im just plain lazy and i seriously need to stop that shit. 

ill hire you to get my ass to the gym!
who wants to apply!?  :D

5. Blog Love
this one meant all sorts of things. 
i love this little blog of mine! i dont remember how many i had when i started but i now have 32 (!!!) followers! how awesome is that!? its not about the quantity but its sure is nice!
i've snailed mailed a couple of bloggers! and i recently changed my Instagram to public and woooah many bloggers i mega fangirl over have replied to me or liked my pictures. 
its the little things man. the little things!!! 

i had Crissy update my blog layout i believe last year and i still LOVE it but i am thinking of having her update it for me once again! 
i just love having this little space! and all my random stories and the fact that you guys like to read most of it!

i dont want to cut it short but ill end this here because i dont want to get all sappy on ya. not yet. 
ill save that for another post but i will say this, 2014, YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!!

how was your year? 
let me know!

thanks for reading! 

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