Capital Cities

i am in love!!!! 
these guys!, i saw them last year in November when they opened for Two Door Cinema Club but we were too far to realize how good they really were!

ANOTHER testament to the Fonda Theater. 
we got there at 630 to a small line to end up RIGHT UP FRONT!!!
we got lucky enough to end up right in front of Spencer. that man on that trumpet!

as always a lot of pictures! 
probably one of my very favorites! ^
the closing of this concert was seriously one of the best!

i know, i know, there's like a million pictures of Spencer but i mean i was right in front of him and that man is a genius on that trumpet i couldn't help it!!!

i loved that in the middle of a song, going hardcore, he just jumped in to the middle of the crowd and just kept going at it. 
so good, so so good!!!
i mean i knew these guys were good but geesh! up close is definitely betta'.

definitely catch them if they're ever in your area and definitely get close as possible seats!

this was supposed to be my last concert of the year....buuut miraculously, and i wont get in to it because that's an argument on to itself,  i got tickets to the #altimatexmas party for 98.7!!! i got to see Coldwar Kids, Fitz and the Tantrums, Bush (!!!), Robert Delong, and most Importantly, The Neighbourhood. like this close! aahhh!!!!! there's more to that but ill come back with that story on another post! ahh!!!

thanks for viewing! <3

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