Snapshot Sunday {349-355}

just got home from Big Sur about an hr and a half ago and i already miss it!
im not even going to lie i miss the jerk company too! 
guys!, it was AWESOME! but ill write more on that later. 

lets get started!
349 // 
slept with this little cutie on my last night here before my trip. 
my sister had to work at 4 am and she was out so we slept in her bed. you can tell she's super comfortable. 
god i love her!!!!!!!!
350 // 
member when i told you about Chester wearing Chonchies little sweater thing? 
this is it. doesnt he look CUTE!!!!! 
ahhh these two kill me. 
351 // 
i already miss it!!!!!!
we stopped by Buellton picked up beer and turned up the tv and had drinks once we arrived. 
coincidentally, im doing the exact same thing right now. 
drinking a blue moon, watching pretty in pink (can you believe its my first time!) and typing this up. 
i miss you little room and weekend vacation. you were GREAT! 
352 // 
usually its my sister and i that go out to eat but this time i treated my little brother. 
so so good!
i seriously have a pho problem. and i looove it!
353 // 
even the parking meters are celebrating this year! (: 
354 // 
prettyful lights at Disneyland's teacups. 
man, im surprised i didnt puke when we were on the ride cause we spun that cup out of control!!!
355 // 
this is how we do things at our house. 
break it leave a note. 
fix it; write on said note. 
tun tun tun!!!
love it here at home. 

guys, im really riding this high from the trip. 
ill be back with that in a bit. 

thanks for reading! (: 

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