Snapshot Sunday {342-348}

its real guys! 
its almost here, the new year! ahhh!

342 //
a rare selfie of me in a beanie!  i love how my hair looks!!!
so cold out here she finally let us put a sweater on her!
you should see chester! he's not letting me grab him but he's wearing one of chonchies little pieces and he looks SO adorable! the cutest thing is that he actually left it on. he hates clothes!!!!
344 //
ugh! dentists chair!!!
i think i did well because i didnt hear much! 
but i was just looking at these shoes and thinking i need a new pair!
theyre not bad but man, we've been through a million things!!! (: 
and i know they dont look it here, but these basically look gray now. lol
345 // 
sunset looking all nice and pretty. 
and blurry!
346 //
caught these guys at Knotts last weekend!!! 
i was all amazed!!
347 //
speaking of Knotts, their carne asada fries! SO GOOD!!!
i couldnt even finish them!
348 // 
monique and i at Anarchy Library. 
we practically live there. 
i love it! and i lover her!!! (: 

and just because!
my friend Kyle sent this to from Joshua Tree Park. 
isnt it beautiful!!!!!!??

seriously!, life is great!

sorry to keep it short but im off to Disneyland! 
enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :*

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