Snapshot Sunday {335-341}

Sunday funday am i right!
sorry guys! but this weekend was an "all out, wasnt at home until yesterday party weekend!" (: 

Saturday i was at the San Diego Safari Zoo! (really awesome pictures coming soon!) i was home by 7 ready for bed but i started talking to my cousin and one thing led to another i basically ended up at Anarchy with Monique at 1230! <3 bed at 2 am! :0

Sunday, my friend John took me to Knott's!!! 
i haven't been there in years!!!! (wooah! 16 years!)
he gets himself plus one in for free because he's a a Vet (thank you J! and thank you all that serve! and Knott's for offering this every so often!) 
i was home by 530 (there's only like 6 rides!!!) and as soon as my head hit the pillow i was out until i had to pick up my mom from work. many hours later. 
she then punked me in to taking her to dinner at 1 am (!) at Norms. now here i am at work ridiculously relaxed!

lets get to this before i get all hectic here!

335 //
gotta love arts and crafts (DIY on this coming up soon but here's what i made!) 
i usually hate posting what im reading for my next One for the Books posts before im done but im currently LOVING the Amy Poehler book i HAD to go buy it. 
i got it from the library because i didnt want to spend $$ on something i didnt like. i started it at the beginning of the month and ive been so busy with school and work that i havent devoted much time to it but in only on like page 40 something and ive tagged at least half of them. 
also, this is what my desk currently looks like! :D 
god bless this mess! :) 
made these last year!!! 
i dont know why but the xmas spirit didnt bite me in the butt this year! :( 
but ill be putting these up in my room. 
338 //
sliders, fries and beers with Chonch! 
luv ya chonchies 
(fact: i have a doggy and human friend named Chonch!)
 trying to find a good color for the coming up DIY! :D
our dentist stopped by our office last week and dropped off See's candy and a Starbucks gift card for everyone!
well played guys, well played!
(those who dont go to them got toothpaste, a brush and some floss. we win!)
this is how you'll always catch her sleeping! <3

promise to be back soon guys! :*

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