Snapshot Sunday {356-362}

i did not mess up on the count. 
Wednesday, ill post my last 3 of the year (so i better make em count!) 

im currently sitting in front of the tv watching Parks & Rec on a loop. 
how have i NEVER seen this show before? Leslie Knope is the best!
never have i wanted to go to Indiana so bad in my life. not even when i had the chance to go. 

in other news, i got sick Friday night and I'm still fighting it a little but i think ill be okay. i neeeed to be okay for Wednesday night!
Jaydeen and I are going to party at the Long Beach NYE countdown. i will wear 45 scarves if i have too! im not missing that pre-birthday concert!

k, lets get to it!

356 // 
cleaned up my desk a little bit. 
i decided to take all my washi tapes out the big jar i had them in and hang them on my wall. that way i can get more use out of em. 
i missed the xmas dead line for cards so ill send some happy new years one's out!
(thanks Carlee for my tina sticker!) 
357 // 
a lady that works with us, gave me this little plush toy. she asked me if i had any younger siblings and i do but the youngest is 16 so i took it and gave it to chonch. she fell in love with it!!!
358 // 
i finally hung up my Hooray!
i loooove it!
{crap on a spatula. -Leslie Knope. haha} 
359 //
OMG!!! this was THE most delicious red velvet cupcake i have EVER had in my life. 
where is it from you ask? freakin Porto's bakery. i was sooo shocked because the pastries I've had from  there suck!!!
funny story...xmas night, my sister and i went to Sprinkles to go get a cupcake from their Cupcake ATM machine. sob machine died on me and charged me twice.  their cupcakes are $4.25. EACH!!! whatt!!??? (they charged me $8.50. called the bank and got my $$$ back) the one above cost my sister $1.75. seriously, best cupcake ever. going to go buy more. if there was a way to send one out to you, i would! 
(longest paragraph I've ever written about a cupcake. lol)
360 // 
hahaha. at the bar me and monique basically live at. 
i am one of the many (gross now that i think about it) that steals cherries. 
361 // 
date night with Moni!!! i love how she gets mad that i pay for her.
i didn't even know that Tim Burton was coming out with a new movie. 
i liked it! (:  
362 // 
apparently this weeks theme was my room. 
Jonathan let me have Uno once we left Big Sur. 
then Jaydeen gave me one for my birthday! ahhh!!!! i love it!
wouldn't it be awesome if i got a crap load more? haha. 
im treasuring one of these for sure. 

back to P&R and maybe some donuts in a bit! 
hope you had a good weekend!

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