Snapshot Sunday {328-334}

i woke up today to the sound of rain!!! (: (i live in California hence the excitement!!!!) 
i got a couple of posts lined up so lets get to it!

328 // 
my sister bought my mom and i flowers <3
first set of flowers to go in my room! they're oh so pretty!!!!
too bad i cut mine TOO short. 
im stealing one and taking it to work so i can decorate my desk now that its somewhat clean!
329 // 
did anyone go black Friday shopping? 
i did!!! at like 9 pm (a lot of stores opened at 5pm!) 
i went because Monique wanted to get her kid a frozen (am i the only one that strongly dislikes that movie?) bike. she got there late and settled for a scooter. i mega scored!!!! i dont have a smart tv and i wont be upgrading to one anytime soon since this one is only like 2 years old. BUT i did score a sony dvd player!!! the one with netflix and hulu and pandora! ahhh!!!!!i LOVE it! 
330 //
Friday after work i wanted to go home and watch some Hulu...too bad my mom took over and wanted to watch Bob's Burgers. (i got her hooked!)
have you see the episode with the candy cane truck? well, theyre hiding from it and once they realize theyre guna get caught...Louise asks Bob & Linda where they came from and all Linda says is "my vagina" my mom laughed SO Hard!!! i thought that was sooo fanny!
331 // 
the Castle!!! isnt she pretty all lit up! (: 
i love Disneyland!!!
 332 // 
last week when i went to Disney all i wanted was a chocolate chip ice cream.....SCORE!!!!
not the best but it was good.
333 //
babe! <3
my mom is one of those people who like to have a living room for show and not for use....i love that they just decorated for xmas and she's sitting all over the new pillows...and well i havent showered her in a bit so she smells like Cheetos! lol 
334 //
leslie washi hands!
i seriously have a washi tape problem! 
but in other news, you see the pumpkin one on my middle finger (lol) i originally bought em for $2.99 (cute has no price! at least not at 2.99) well i went to target a couple of days ago and i miraculously found 2 more...i was ready to pay at least $1 each (they went on sale RIGHT AFTER Halloween)
i scored em for $.20 cents each! eeeek!!!!
definition of winning right there! 

i have the capital cities concert to post but my pictures wont load for some reason! :( 
so ill keep trying my hardest because those are some reeeaalllly good pictures! 
i have a book post! (finally!) 
and Q & A
....any who, follow over on instagram for live time posts! theyre the best! ;)
thanks for reading.

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