Hello November

as you read this its already November 2nd! what!? 

i think in 2012 maybe 2011, an old coworker told me "man, this year is going by fast!" 
ever since then, every year has FLOWN by. 
then i read something about time always flies by when you're an adult. when you're a kid, time just slowly passes while you're waiting for your birthday or a holiday and stuff like that and i couldn't agree more. 
also, do you have kids!? ask them what trix looks like. maybe they are just for kids. maybe adults only see them as a round cereal instead of the fruit shaped cereal they really are!

i meant to get to this yesterday but i actually for once FINALLY did something on Halloween!
i went to a pub crawl with my cousins Vera & Stan and his wife Michelle ( I LOVE HER!!!) lets just say i was hating life Nov 1st. well like at 2 am. i was up at 8 and only had a major headache. 
im done drinking for this year (as i always say) 

reasons why November is already the best: 
  1. THANKSGIVING!!!!! hello mom's turkey and Tessie's sides. and leftovers and ahhh!!!
  2. Christmas Tree. i cant wait to get that sucker!
  3. i woke up yesterday sorta hungover and i got me some Pho! not at my usual spot. somewhere in Van Nuys but it was surprisingly good! i also ordered a soda but had like 2 sips. its k. waking up to Pho is ALWAYS a win win! 
  4. last night my friend Dan took me on this massive Photography walk in DTLA (#flaskmob on ig) such an amazing experience! it was a HUGE HUUUUUGE mob. ridiculous. i absolutely loved it. we walked all over DTLA; what ive always wanted to do at night! i loved loved loved it and i cannot wait to do it again. thanks Dan. you really are a good guy. sorta. (#aboutaweekago. insider) mega post on this coming up. i need to go through the hundreds of pictures i took.
  5. Capital Cities: seeing them in concert in about 20 days. 
  6. next month: i get to finally go to Big Sur and i cannot wait!
  7. BEST REASON WHY NOVEMBER IS THE BEST: yesterday, i get home from the market with my mom (still in my Halloween costume) to my sister giving me a late/early birthday/Christmas present. any idea what it was? well, some cute fox socks i wanted, a cute letter aaaannnnnd drum roll please!!!!..... A FREAKIN' DISNEYLAND PASS!!!!! with parking! are you kidding me!!!!?????? oh man! im still debating when to go because i want to be there the ENTIRE day but im sooo excited! i cant even!!! eeekkk!!!!! 
see what i mean? im sure there's a million more reasons but here are a few. 
kk. now to work because i missed yesterday. not because i was hungover or anything just cause i didn't even get home until 2pm. i wouldn't want to ever be here that late. 

thanks for reading! 
snapshot sunday coming riiight up!

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