Snapshot Sunday {314-320}

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
i know, i know I've used it before BUT i spent ALL DAY at California Adventure and i regret it not one bit!!! apparently there was a 1/2 marathon in Disneyland which would explain why the waits at California were low. 
we started with a delicious ice cream and had some wine all day long. got a hot chocolate and ended with a margarita and a turkey pot pie bread bowl soup. great day all around!

Justin was there and i had a toooootal fangirl moment. i missed him at California and then i saw he was over at Disney but i never ventured out there. ahh, one day ill get to meet him. the fact that he was with a celebrity and i only wanted to meet him. 
oh well, heres to another time. 

314 //
 happy 5th birthday little munchkin!
i cant believe youre already 5! where does the time fly!?
(also, happy 4th bday Dylan pants! i have no pictures of you cause you wouldnt sit still!)
315 //
i dont know man. i dont know if i really had carpal tunnel or what. Web MD said i did and i dont have obama care cause "i make TOO much money" so ive been wearing this thing at night when i sleep and so far right now i feel good. 
all day yesterday at DCA i was amazed i could move my thumb around without any pain!
316 //
 i have NEVER seen her sleep like this! <3
must have been super tired!!!!
i love her!!!!
317 //
its been cold these past couple of nights (and by cold i mean sweater and an extra blanket kind of cold. i am aware people are freezing elsewhere!) so we whipped out his sweater to keep him warm!
i love that he got soooo mad at us that he left to go sleep with Tessie in the back. 
wouldn't be such a big deal except he lives to sleep with my mom so i was surprised he was mad at her too. 
318 //
 i LOVE my room!!!
also, work at 8 am and i didnt show up until 10. 
gotta love it!
i also have a pretty good idea of whats going to go in the middle!! :D 
i cant wait to see if i can start it this weekend. 
(also, that blanket!, ikea score! originally $50 and i got it for $25. hooray for discontinued items!)
319 //
finally putting the ears to good work!
320 //
double scoop of ice cream at DCA. 
couldnt have been better. 
except that Z ordered cookies and cream and i wanted chocolate and we ate them the opposite! ._.
first time having ice cream there. 
so so goood!
i cant wait to go back! :D

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