LA County Fair

i held off on posting this for forever because i had several (a lot of) pictures on my phone that i wanted to add but i lost my card reader thing so that held me off a bit. then the other night i said screw it, ill edit them with VSCO. only to realize that i had like at the most 10-12 on my phone and the huge chunk i was thinking of was on my camera. 
nice fail les, nice fail!

i got tickets for the LA County Fair on Groupon. they had a deal of 4 tickets for $37 but in the moment that i had them they had a flash sale and i ended up getting them for $27! not a bad deal considering that each ticket individually is $19 at the fair. 

this was supposed to be a cousins trip but everyone lagged it last minute except one of my cousins so when i win the lotto she's getting 5 whole dollars like i promised them all! muahhhahaa

jump on over for a lot of pictures! :D
they had camels you could feed carrots too for a $1. NOT a bad deal except that by carrot they meant like one thin slice of a carrot. i understand. maybe for the camels safety or something but chances are they grow their own carrots and if all im going to get is a thin slice, then make it like a quarter each or something. chances are, you're still making a profit!

fun fact: 
  1. There are two chief kinds of camels: (1) the Arabian camel, also called dromedary, which has one hump, and (2) the Bactrian camel, which has two humps. In the past, hybrids (crossbreeds) of the two species were used widely in Asia. (thats how i know which camel is which, i just cant seem to remember the names lol.)

also, that kid, no idea who he belongs too. he just wouldn't get out of the picture. 
dont sue me kids parents. 

can you believe this ice cream was $5!? 
geeesh. not even the ice cream at Disneyland!
but it was good i wont lie.
the only cousin who will be getting $5 whole dolla's when i win the lotto: Ross
not very often you see a donut in the sky. 
and trust me, i wasnt the only one geeking out!
this summer was brutal man. global warming is all im going to say. 
luckily we waited until the last weekend to go and it was cloudy and gray and it even sprinkled a bit!
best time to go to a fair if i say so myself!! (: 
last year when i went to the OC Fair, we walked straight through here but we didn't catch any of the circus shows so this time we stuck around and caught 3!
they were pretty fun and all i could think of for some reason was Cirque Du Soleil. i want to catch another show so bad!

caught a few animals but it was pretty packed so we just walked by quickly.
throw kids inside a plastic ball and throw em in a body of water. GENIUS!
this time, we also got to go to the farm and see all the goats, chickens and rabbits (a lot!) 
i was told last year that even after 8 hrs we still had missed a lot but woah i didnt realize how much!
i was amazed by the chickens! apparently, according to my momma, this is how they sleep!
"whatchu lookin at!?"
definitely the most stylish one there. 
i personally named this one myself; Dianna Ross. 
we named this little guy Chester. just like my dog. because he was all the way in the back while everyone else was punking him! so i went over and started feeding him. and then my sister tried stealing him from me!
this guy was sooo hairy!
 i liked this bunny because of its design. it kind of reminded me of those Arabian tattoos women get going down their backs. 
this is me trying super hard to waste the last 8 tickets that i had!
nothing there is just 8 tickets its all 10 or higher. i ended up finding a basket ball game at 6 and i lost cause i suck and just ended up giving the last 2 tickets to some random lady which, !!! for her, but i really wanted that donut hat....but to win one of those, you had to spend 12+ tickets and they weren't selling them just like that. maybe next year! 

thanks for reading! (: 

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