Snapshot Sunday {307 to 313}

307 // 
my sister got me a pass with parking! and i want to live there!!! 
ive missed you Disneyland!!!!
308 // 
309 //
BDC Tofu House with my sister. 
oh, this place is SOO good. 
veggie pancake and seafood soup. we then proceed to take all the seafood out and just pour the soup and tofu over rice. 
i want some NOW!!!
310 // 
speaking of, here's sister! 
i love the way her hair looks like here! (: 
311 // 
snaps from halloween. 
these are my cousins Stan and Vera. 
im never drinking again. 
312 //
i had a lot of fabric left over from my costume so i made Chester a sleeveless sweater with bitchin' shoulder pads! bahaha
313 // 
proof that it was a tad bit cold last week. all cuddled up in my brothers blanket. 
too bad by Wednesday it was back to upper 80's ! :(

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