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Paper Flower Lights Garland | Oh Happy Day!
ooh these lights! maybe for xmas?
im just scared id be the one human to cause a fire hazard!
(they have these lights at Ikea!!! the sweet part is they're interchangeable! so you can have leaves or red bulbs or stars, starsstars!!!!)
Crock-Pot Hook Up Oval 3.5-Quart Connectable Entertaining System
guys, i havent hidden it from you. ever. thats not what im about you all know that i DO NOT belong in the kitchen unless its getting water, cereal or washing dishes. but then i saw the commercial for the crock pots that hook up...and i want them all!!!!

these cute wrapping papers are over on studiodiy for print!
the lipstick one is calling my name since my sister wants make up for xmas! eeek!
(spoiler: the brushes she wanted were on sale so she got them earlier this week, well i got them for her. there goes her gift! and me wrapping it! :( )
Lace Love-8Amazing Height-4
S E R I O U S L Y !!!!
(1 & 2)
this woman's style! insert heart eyes emoji!!!
movie titles with one letter missing illustrated by austin light (19)
The Fat and the Furious
THESE are awesome!!!!!
the author removed one letter from the movie tittle and the results are awesome!!!!
Easy and cheap! Make a statement wall with paint pens (click through for tutorial)
this wall is crazy good! those ABM girls i swear!!!!
DIY Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art
washi tape to the rescue. kel is a genius!!!
and speaking of Kel....
she and jeff married, and well just wow! <3
a million congrats!!!!!

who wants to go to Colorado with me?
B E A U T I F U L ! 
perfectly timed dog photos.
ever more reasons why they rule!!!!

random fun fact: have athlete's foot? pee on em in the shower! that'll clear you right up! (gross i know!) one of the owner's son of the company just told me. apparently its a thing to do if yer in the army! eeek!
thanks for surfin!

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