Snapshot Sunday {300-306}

man, its almost 6. 
where has today gone? 
I've been at work since 9 and for once the day has gone by super fast!!!!
November, you are super great! (: 

300 // 
live for life. 
walking back to the car after last night i saw this randomly on the floor. 
i love stuff like this!
301 //
lol. this night was interesting. 
i wasn't aware they roamed like that.
what do you call a pack of roaches? no, seriously. 
302 // 
look at how alert she is. 
all trying to get me to give her cereal. 

303 //
super random fact about me: if you ever see me in my room wearing a headband or ears or a hat or anything on my head, that means I'm in DEEP CLEANING mode. i don't know why. its just something i have always done. 
i sent this snap out like at 7pm, so, you know what i mean. 
not that my room is that dirty its just i get that in to it!
304 //
hangover pho!
SOOOO good. but you can clearly see that my place is STILL #1!
(and out of the many pho place's i've been, this is the best 2nd place one i've been too. the soup is good its just missing basically everything else!)
305 //
grandma making my Halloween costume all last minute because my mom went missing when it was her idea in the first place!!!!!!
go grandma. fun fact: im her favorite grand-kid. oh no, its true! 
Happy Halloween from my babies!!! (: 
chester's too small (even though hes fat!) to fit in to anything. 
we bought chonch a kids costume from the 99c store and just put the shirt on her. 
i loove these two so freakin much!!! <3

ahhh! Sunday! back to work tomorrow. 
its okay! this Thursday im going to Disneyland all day!!!! eeeekkk!!!!! <3
thanks for reading! <3

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