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i have an hour to kill before i have to go pick up my mom and i wasn't really going to talk about this but it was such a weird dream that maybe someone out there will read in to it and tell me what it means because i told my coworker and all she said was that when i die i will be stuck in limbo and that i might as well forget about her now because she doesn't want me hunting her. 
thanks VJ. thanks. you'll be the first one i go after. 

i had a dream that for some odd reason, i was driving on Sunset looking for the 101 freeway to head home. 
for those of you that live or have been to Hollywood. you know that the entrance for that freeway is, not hidden but not visible like most entrances. anyways, it was on my right hand side and i missed it so i kept going and busted a u-turn and i was going to catch it on the other side (there is no entrance on the other side!) i knew that but i still went for it. in the blink of an eye BOOM! i was no longer in my car. i had a bike and i was going to take the riverbed home*1 (there is none in the area that i am talking about...that i am aware of anyways) i think it was mid afternoon, some time  around there. anyways, i go in and everything is good at first and then all of a sudden it gets tunnel like and i learned that a lot of bums retreat to that area during the day to sleep (they only went out to sleep on the streets (like in DTLA) at night when everyone was already at home)*2 for some reason at that moment an older (not by much) African American man comes up next to me walking and he lets me know that that's where they all retreat (what i mentioned above.) it wasn't just a few. it was HUNDREDS of them. they were asleep back to back to back. i don't know why i didn't turn around and leave! 
i kept going. and that man kept going with me. 

once i passed all the bums in the tunnel i entered into what i can only describe as paradise. 
it was this huge rock wall with waterfalls. greens everywhere. the sun was shinning like crazy. imagine something out of Avatar (kind of like this but less fog and a small (but somehow deep) lake or Rio 2 (if you've seen it...sorry!) i wont lie it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! but then, out of no where this HUGE concrete statue was in the lake. it was, the best way to describe it, in the position that babies sleep in; with their butts in the air. so the statues face was in the water and all i could see was the back of its head and its butt in the air. okay....maybe that was that islands (whatever it was that i was in) statue or something. kinda like New York and its Statue of Liberty. i don't think i was scared at that moment yet but then, i looked around and there were, i don't want to say dead people because i don't want to sound morbid, but that's what they were, except they were wrapped like mummies. they were dead, in a kneeling / praying position all facing the giant statue in the water. that i can remember i only remember seeing 2 or 3 in the water like that but I'm sure there were several more (i seriously think they were bums who had passed away and in their honor (?) they were wrapped like that by others) in the 2 seconds that i switched my attention from the huge statue to the wrapped mummies, the statue had changed.
the statue no longer had its head in the water. 
i don't remember the bottom half of its body but the top part, its head basically was now facing up looking at the sky. kind of like this buddha. THAT'S when i freak out. so i immediately turn around (the dude is still with me) and I'm facing a hippie dude that has a bike store set up under a canopy and i realize that i need a new inter-tube for my bike because somehow i had gotten a flat. he fixes it and i leave. i don't even remember getting out of there. i don't know how i made it out but the next thing leads me to being at a house with my cousin Vera and ill skip all of that because it wasn't anywhere near as interesting as what i had just been through but i will say this; we were in someones house i have no idea whose but my room was in that house. my old room anyways. 
i went to my bed and i noticed that under the bed there was a piece of the floor missing covered by a piece of plywood. i lift the plywood and i am now looking down on whatever that world was. i could see the lake but no statue, all the green but no mummies or anything that i had seen when i was below. 
i was still scared. i dropped the plywood and ran away. and i stayed away from that room as far as possible. 

nothing bad happened to me in that dream. i wasn't afraid when i was down there in my dream as i know i would be if that were to happen to me in real life. the weird thing is that even now that i think about it, i don't consider it a bad dream. when i was dreaming however it was a nightmare and i was trying really hard to wake myself up but i couldn't. its like i knew i was dreaming but i couldn't get myself out of it. you get what I'm saying? 


the weird thing is today, i woke up with a bruise on my right knee (that I KNOW i didn't have before) and my right shoulder is in a weird pain. my right thumb is hurting really bad. I've never had carpel tunnel so I'm not sure if that what that is buuuuut....yea. 

i don't know man. I'm not thinking this as a nightmare or a bad omen. i just don't know what to think. 
i don't google it because a) i wouldn't even know where to start and b) i don't want to know if its bad. 
soooo...if you're into that dream stuff, let me know. unless its bad. then you can just keep it to yourself and pray for me. 

what kind of weird out of the norm stuff have you been dreaming!? 

thanks for reading!
*1 i used to lease a 2008 civic. in 2011 when it was over, i returned it and biked it to and from work for a good while. i would take the riverbed to and from work/home since it was a straight away. i used to leave in the morning by myself and sometimes ride back with my ex boyfriend. 
*2 i think this has to do with the fact that when i went shooting with Danny for flaskmob_la, we went through the tunnel on Hill Street and while the mob was covering it all, i didn't notice until AFTER that there were several bums sleeping there on the floor that we were all interrupting. 

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