A few things...

Just a few things because I've been missing here cause of work AND school (albeit 1 class. So once again Kudos to those of you that take like 45 units at once. Double Kudos to those who do it while working AND taking care of kids!)

Anywho,  here are a few thoughts on this fine Thursday!

1. I think I got carpal tunnel on Tuesday.  Its weird because I remember the EXACT moment it happened; at work. I haven't said anything to them yet (apparently it falls under their medical care.) This sucks.
-i told my mom and all she said was "you messed up! Halloween just passed. You should have bought all the body parts you could have so you could've switched em out!"
Thx mom ! ♡

2. Today, i had work at 8. Woke up at 730, fell back asleep and didn't come in til 10. Gota love it.

3. Coffee.
I HATE you.
I had a whatchamacallit from Wendell's or whatever that donut place is called and i had a major sugar crash.
Okay, so it's not straight up coffee...but it's in the family.
I'm never having one again!

4. Closure.
Man! It's AMAZING to have closure.
Since that day, I haven't thought of you nor have I missed you! AND IT'S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!!
closure is the next best thing next to shrimp platters. And soup. And basically all sorts of food! :D freeeeeedom! I love it.

5. Trips!
Big Sur next month and Vegas in January as a late birthday present to myself courtesy of a friend. Eeeeek!!!!!

I think that's it for now.

I have a post coming up on a suuuper weird dream that I had earlier this week.

Thx for reading!  ♡

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  1. I love trips too!! Looking forward to seeing photos from Big Sur and Vegas:)


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