#flaskmob DTLA

i want to start off by saying that my pictures are NOWHERE near as good as many others but hey! its the thought that counts. not that I'm not giving myself credit here, its just woah those guys are good!
you can see pictures here and follow along with all the hash-tags (that i cant link because ig wont let me on a computer)

Flaskmob is a photography group (is that the proper thing to call it?) that meets up every so often and roams the streets of LA taking photography. it's sorta like this crazy huge family/brotherhood thing going on. 

i went because Danny was kind enough to take me.
we met up right by the train station in Chinatown and from there we walked to Chinatown (ive only been there maybe twice in my life!) and headed to other locations. 

finally, little by little my dreams of being all over DTLA at night are coming true (dreaming big over here!) jump on over for pictures. 

look up #steelwool on ig. you'll see a lot of these. 
if caught at the right moment, you can catch a really beautiful picture!
first stop: Chinatown.
you know what i also love about all this? 
the way people interact with each other. you see people photographing each other. meaning im snapping a picture of you snapping a picture of me. 
blog world, this is Danny. thinking he looks all cute being serious. 
he filmed the entire thing basically since Junior had the camera all night long. 
ill share it as soon as he unleashes it to the world!
here he is with the blackmagic camera. apparently its top notch or something. everyone was super excited about it. i on the other hand have NO idea.
and here is his website for some really dope and beautiful pictures. (my favorite!)
these are probably my favorite of all! 
i have NO idea how i did that buuuut ill take it!
these are super blurry but i love em so!
sitting on the ledge. NO FEAR!

the tunnel on hill street.  that thing went on forever!
and of course, i would find this little gem on the walk back to the car.
life is seriously the best right now. 
i wouldn't change a thing!!!!

i cant wait to go to another one of these. 
thanks for taking me Dan, love ya even though you're a pain like 86% of the time! ;)

thanks for viewing! hope to be back with more soon! 

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