Coraline by Neil Gaiman

isbn: 978-0-380-380-80734-5 (pbk.)
3 days to read (with breaks)

you gotta love the play store! (if you have an android device anyways) 
i saw they had this book on sale for $1.99 so of course i bought it. if you've been reading my little teeny tiny blog for a while you'd probably already know that i LOVE Coraline. its my favorite movie!

i think my theory stands correct: if you want to enjoy the movie adaptation of a book, ALWAYS watch the movie first that way you're not all bummed out. 
case in point: talk about completely different styles!

lets get started. 
first off, in the book, there is no Wybie Lovat! (sad face cause i liked him!) hence there is no Coraline look a like doll. 
she does travel to the Other Mother's place only twice before it gets all hectic. 
in the book the other mother looks way creepier and i think my FAVORITE part was the one where once she has already challenged the other mother, goes down in to a basement (who does that!?)  and finds a dead sort of mushy body laying dead like in the far dark corner. turns out its the other father and he's commanded to kill her for lack of a better word. of course, she doesnt run. oh that Coraline, fearless!!!

i wont really get in to the book as much because as different as it is, its pretty close (hello contradiction!)
i really loved the book but i will say this: watch the movie if you want to know what goes on. you're only missing out on no Wybie and a lookalike doll. and that scene with the other father. 

sorry for the short review!
but its such a super quick read. you should give it a try!!!

thanks for reading! <3

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