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i don't only just surf blogs....its just so happens all other surfin takes place on my phone and then to copy the links and so on....basically im just lazy. but here are a few that i caught on my phone! 
i love October for bringing me all these little baby pumpkins. 
i hate it when they die! :(
BUT did ya know you could turn em in to candles!? whaaat!? 
sign me up! in know what my mother is getting!
3.) This one is really bad. Looks like the Golden Gate Bridge is collapsing.
several times google earth has messed up with its images. 
wouldn't it be awesome to try to even attempt to drive any of em!? be scared.
louise is my favorite hands down. but Tina, Tina is the best!
(me as tina and louise! best Halloween EVER!!!!)

have you ever wanted to make your own garland!?
i have. here's how!
(drum roll please!!!!! this is probably the first DIY i make of all the ones i list. i love it!!!!)
2015 Appointment Spiral-bound Wall Calendar
i want this calendar! someone get it for me so i can use it at work!
so pretty!! ok thanks! <3
(i went to target to get a sugar something planner and i wasn't crazy about it. but i did buy my printable 2015 planner from etsy and i LOVE it!!! even better...i got it for $4. i just have to go bind it at staples!) 
Use T-Pins to create a DIY pegboard to organize supplies.
my desk is getting a makeover!!!!
these tattoo's stories are pretty cool (specially that pizza one!) but i like the one above A LOT!
talk about meaningful!
as if you need another reason to love Macklemore. haha. 

yes yes LOVE this idea!!!!!
Comfy Friday-1Toronto-10
seriously. love this look. and this one.
love this look on Francesca! and her baby....shut up!!!! <3

have fun surfin'.

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