DIY: Tissue Garland!

have you ever wanted to make a garland but you've been like ? 
i know i have!!! :D then i read this article and boom! apparently its really easy!
i wont lie my first try was a mess (mostly cause i was being fussy about it!) but yesterday in the midst of cleaning i though Hey! why not. 
sho'nuff. it worked out! (: 

  • tissue paper of your choice (oh! the possibilities!)
  • scissors // x-acto knife (i used an x-acto because it was way easier to use!)
  • string of your choice
  • washi tape (optional) 
  • cutting board / matt (i used the back of a "thats what she said" banner sign thing from the office that i got from target lol)

fold your paper in half the long ways then half again so you can make 2 sets of sheets out of one sheet. 
reason why x-acto knife is easier to use: you can cute lines without having to lift paper to check your lines. 
also, once you cut your 2 out of 1 sheet, you can layer them on top of each other and cut 2 in 1 so you dont spend twice as much time cutting lines. 
--when cutting the lines, make sure to leave enough space on the top so you can have enough room to fold and twist them once they are rolled. 
once its all cut it should look all cute fringe-y!
you open it up and then roll it. 
at first, i was rolling it super carefully but by the end i learned you can actually fold it down; you get the same results. 
once you roll it, you twist it as far as you can. 
final result!!! 
next up: washi tape!
in all the posts and instagram pictures i have seen,  i havent seen anyone secure it past the twisting part. 
im not sure how else to hold it so i thought "hey! some cute washi tape!"
sure enough it works and luckily i had the same colors. 
for the pink i just cut down the middle so you couldnt see the Hooray all that well. 
the pink tissue paper was longer than the gold paper but i didnt mind. 
you can cut that to size as you please. 

to loop them, you just run the string through the twist loop. and then once again to "secure" it but not too tight so you can move it around. 
prints from kendra // board inspiration from Anne
i originally planned these for my window but i was a few short and feeling lazy to finish the rest. then this spot opened up and it was PERFECT! right underneath my Hello sign. 

im hooked on this! i want to make a zillion more. 
im thinking of making some for pen pals to send over the holidays! 

just in case my instructions werent all that clear, you can catch it over on HGTV

thanks for craftin' with me! 

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