Happy Birthday Andy!

happy birthday Andres!!!! 

Andy started the wonderful tradition of taking us out to eat for our birthday starting with me last year for my bday this year (im a new years baby so we went in December before it got super crazy!) 
next was Jaydeen and now him!
where to take him!? 
my sister mentioned Benihana's so we took him there and thankfully he loved it!!! (: 
and we were all super stuffed! 


mushroom soup before our food! // salad and sushi rolls. lots of sushi rolls!
i cant even keep an egg from rolling meanwhile he has one on top of the other! // apparently the whole birthday party gets ice cream! (: chocolate for me thanks! (: 
eeek! (: 
i LOVE the fact that he's posing with a thumbs up. 
so andy!
after dinner and dessert they took a picture of us and they gave it to Andy! 
we can also go online and print it ourselves.
im sooo excited. this is going up on my wall at work. 

happy birthday andy!
love you lots. 
here's to 24 and many many more! 


  1. Ah, looks like you guys had an awesome day! The food and the ice cream, yum :)

    1. thanks! we did!
      i was so nervous about taking him there because he took me somewhere so nice for my birthday.
      (i mean this place was still nice but ya know!)
      thankfully he loved it and it was sooo much fun!

      thanks for reading! (:


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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