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you win some. you lose some. 

i was so bummed that i couldn't  get in to this book because i really liked his second one a lot! (read them out of order. so thankful for that!) 
they're both kind of the same concept, just a bunch of random stories. 
except with this one they were hella random. (very professional using hella les!)
its essays all in one book. like really random essays; how would i date if i were a chicken & what i would say to my team if we were winning / loosing xx to x. 

this book is 236 pages but i only made it up until page 129 before i gave up. i tried REALLY hard to get in to it but i couldn't. 

the only 3 things i tabbed were where he was talking about smacking his kid because he dyed his hair blond!, the one where he talks about opening up a candle shop and he talks so passionately about it only to end it with "Of course, the whole thing will be a front for dealing coke." he does that several times, that i kind of liked. and lastly, the chapter named Taco Party. now, i know i don't do it as much here but, i have a ridiculously bad mouth. i can probably come real close to holding up a conversation with a sailor ONLY using bad words but man. 
i have never seen anyone soooo excited about a f*****g taco party. 
i don't think I've ever even read that many F words in all the books I've read put together! 

because i have so little pages left, ill probably power through it later on in life, but i am thinking of just leaving it in one of those little libraries in DTLA at Grand Park.
i actually have several books i will be donating to them since i sometimes forget what Dean Koontz books i have (spoiler: A LOT!) so i have some duplicates and some others that i just wasn't digging.  hopefully someone else will pick it up and dig it and hopefully let me know what they think. 

have you read this book?  what did you think?

im going to go eat my poptart and get to work. 
have a great week! thanks for reading, 


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    1. thank you so much!!!!
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