old room

welcome to the mess that was my old room. 
oh, how i miss you so!
we have been living in this home going on 5 years now (wow how time flies) and i still remember when we first got it; this place was a mess. 
the bathroom was a horror! my {old} room had 2 windows, the closet was closed up like nobodies business, super hard to get in and and the floors needed some love. 
the bathroom got fixed, my closet was blown wide open, my floors got shiny and i got my one only window (i have a fear of windows! (but that's not the reason why. its one but not the main one.) 

my brother and sister shared a room, they almost killed each other so my sister ended up getting the room next to mine and 5 years down the road i now have their old room and A LOT of space and blank walls that I'm gearing up (meaning: im waiting for the lady that lives with us to hang frames up for me because, im sorry but putting frames up is a mission) to decorate with COLORS!!!! i cant wait!

but this being the wonderful thing called the blogging interwebs i HAD to post my old room and give it a proper goodbye! {ill miss you room!!!}

now, me switching rooms was kind of a last minute thing. see, we had a leak on the roof and my brother being the (for the lack of a better word meaning i dont want to curse here) brother that he is poked the ceiling and made it worse. mom had it fixed and it was a speak now or forever hold your peace moment where i had to chose if i wanted to switch rooms. i didn't but she insisted that i needed more space because my books were about to fall on me. (thanks mom for punking me because i love my new room!) 

okay I've been rambling. 
lets get to it! sorry for the crappy pictures but seeing as how i only have, HAD, one window...it was kinda hard. oh, and the mess! once the new room was ready to move in to i had all of 2 seconds to snap pictures and well there was no reason to clean up. 
lets keep it real here people! ;) 

this little piece of wall used to look like this but then as time went by, i got over it. 
i don't talk to any of those people anymore with the exception of like 2 or 3 so i was over it. i wanted to move the gallery wall over but my lack of hanging stuff up stopped me and i left it blank.  
so this is my closet. 
when i said it was super closed up i mean, it had one teeny tiny door and to get in i'd have to turn in a 90 degree angle while holding my hands up in the air (not really but you get it!). so i had our handy man knock down the entire wall as much as he could (right before you enter my old room there is a closet so the wall didn't go that far) and i had him leave it open because hello! its gorgeous! (to me anyways!)
you know that scene in the sex and the city movie when Mr. Big shows Carrie the walk in closet once its done? and she walks in like its heaven but a million times better? 
yea that's what this closet meant to me!!! i love her so!
before i had 2 spaces to hang clothes, it used to be  the left side for hanging clothes and the right side was all shelves. 
then i went through a midlife crisis, bought a crap load of blazers and ran out of space so rid of the shelves it had to be. 
(i regretted it by the way....at one point all the junk at the bottom in the white boxes had its own space. that top shelf also served good for time outs! :D)
 i was debating posting this one because its a mess (ie: im in the picture!) but i wanted to share this to show how i used to display my necklaces. 
i bought a Martha Stewart stencil and did my entire little wall then put in a butt load of nails with pink sparkly stickers at the tip and voila! fast forward to now, i  only use two necklaces so yea...i still love this idea and im planning something similar in the new room for key chains. saaaay whatt?  yep. they need love too. and i have a couple of them.
when this room was in the process of getting a makeover, i originally wanted a red wall but then i ended up with what looks like a mustard yellow wall and it was love at first sight. 
that's the only window in my room and i actually had him make it smaller. 
books and movie corner. 
i should state that my life has been in phases. 
first it was bracelets, then earrings, then movies, then blazers and necklaces somewhere in there. 
but books, books are my forever loves!!!
i loved this sooo much. i was sad to see it go but i felt even more bad for my brother and all the holes that are left in the wall. like i said hanging pictures is a mission! I've even tried the paper method and NOPE! failure. I've already put up the paper like ones up on another wall and i have several more that are not up here waiting to go up. 

everything in my room is basically from Ikea. my dresser, shelves, bookcases, heck even the picture frames and my (now old) mattress. 
my bed frame was made for me since i didn't want to buy one from Ikea because the last one didnt end up so good. 
all in all, ill miss this little place but now i have a bigger place that like my mom says "has more space to store more of your junk!"

thanks for touring my old place with me. 
ill be back with the new space when it feels a bit more complete! 
cant wait. 
have a good rest of your day! 

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