Snapshot Sunday {279-285}

i dont know man. 
somewhere in here my numbers are wrong. i can believe it but to already be at almost 300! :0

279 // 
have you ever seen a sunset? (stupid but valid question) i hadn't until this day. let me rephrase that, i hadn't sat down and just watch it happen and enjoy it for what it is. 
i sat down at the pier after my run and i just saw the sunset and it was the most beautiful thing ever!
280 //
those bangs kill me!!!!
i had to cut them though! i just couldn't take it anymore. 
281 // 
this movie was awesome. 
makes you think.
282 // 
it reads: "it was bright pink & cute. i thought of you. <3 you could take to work out but its [glass so be careful] and the socks have burgers cus you know you like bobs burgers (it has hot dogs & fries but mostly cause burger) Love you! <3 <3 <3
ps. have a good day at work
my sister is the cutest.
283 // 
saw this neon address sign for an apartment complex and i had to turn around and get a picture. 
im sorry mother; we are getting this for our house! :D
284 // 
updated my light switch to reflect the current holiday. 
and to be quiet frank with yah, i aint takin' it down any time soon! :D 
washi tape RULES!
285 // 
i bought these a few weeks back but because she's a one (wo)man operation and shipping takes a while. which is why i hesitated buying any in the first place. then she had a $4 sale and i got all these. and the packaging was SO cute! (website) i feel like i've posted this one before! hhmm...eeek sorry

im going to continue watching the walking dead. 
i need to head out to Ikea and Lowes but i think ill be doing that later since my mother stole my car. 
sigh, i miss Gilmore Girls. ive been a week sober and it sucks. haha. 
i need a life. 

thanks for reading. enjoy the rest of your weekend! (: 

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