Snapshot Sunday {293-299}

hoooly smokes. next week were in 300.(technically we already are but i mean post wise!) 
that means only 65 days in 2014!!! :o
as im typing this, im watching the walking dead, woooahhh! rick, rick, rick. gaaahhh!!
lets get started. (: 
293 // 
last Friday i went to a boat (!!!) party with Monique. i went as Tina from bobs burgers, yellow clip and everything. at the moment of this picture i was already drunk. like super. i saw this dude wearing an "Ebola containment force" homemade costume and i was laughing SO HARD i had to take a picture. now that i look it im laughing even more because of my cheesy ass smile. 
it was so much fun to party on a boat!!! I'd never been on one before because Hello!, i saw Titanic but it was actually a lot of fun! im thinking of doing an actual post because of all the nonsense that went on!
294 //
mr. Chester! 
i don't know why but as of last night hes been whining if you touch him or anything. we gave him meds but he's fighting sleep so hard its crazy. i dont want to take him to the vet yet cause i dont want a $600 bill when all it is is hyper activeness and he's just being dumb ya know. well see tomorrow. 
295 // 
le sigh. 
sunsets are so ridiculously purdy!
296 // 
im not a huge accessory person and i want to try to change that. 
my sis and i went to forever 21 in Montebello and they had these on sale! ahhh! i love how it looks! i wanted it but i know i wont wear it often (hello catch 22!) so i made my sister take a picture! (: 
...and im also shocked at how long my hair is!
i had a bob going on in February and now this!!!
297 // 
snow monster with my sister. 
also jenga. i won! 4-3 sucka!
298 // 
ahhh!!! my room is slowly but surely coming together. 
the prints i got from the lovely Kendra Beshk through her instagram. ive had them forever just didnt have the space til my switch. 
the hello banner was made by moi for a pen pal. i was going to send it once i wrote back but said pen pal never wrote me back so ya know, too late. 
i made the garland mahself as well!!! :D (diy coming up!) 
and the board was inspiration from Anne
i added more stuff after i took the picture but ill work on that later. i still have a post coming up on that but im still fixing some odds and ends!
299 // 
coming home to her keesies are the best!!! <3

its almost 11 so i gotta finish this up and start another! (: 
hope you had a great weekend and a good week ahead! 
its almost hallloooowwweeeenn!!!! <3

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