Hello October.

its here! its here! October is here. 
i love this time of the year! (: 
its the absolute best. 

back in my younger days, this was the time that id be bundled up in a peacoat with the heater on but its California so I'm in a skirt (which that in itself is a whaaat!?) and a light cardigan. 

i LOVE October its the best! 
Halloween is almost here. my favorite holiday even if i don't dress up. 
i  just love the feel of it. i love watching Halloweentown on the Disney channel. I see that movie at least twice during the entire month that they play it and Hocus Pocus. classic. i own it on my itouch but that thing crapped out so that sucks. i have to buy it on dvd.  
wouldn't it be awesome if it was like that all the time? sign me up!!! 

i went to the market the other day to buy Tess a bday cake and i saw this little pumpkin sitting on its own. i don't know if they had it there for decoration but i took it!
I've been avoiding the market and the entrances where they have these because I KNOW i will spend a butt load of $ on these but alas, the time has come so buy a butt load of cute baby pumpkins i shall! :D
i bought some decorations and I've just been waiting for October to decorate! so maybe this weekend. while my sister parties, ill be decorating. (i don't want to be that annoying neighbor that decorates 3 months in advance ya know!) 

i love you October. 
never change. and by that i mean go back to the cold October that i once knew. 
i miss you!!

have a fantabulous month!
and for those of you that get to experience Oct with actual fall weather, I'm jealous!!!
ps: can you believe its been a year since i started this series. i love it!
pps: yes im still working on the pictures!

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