Snapshot Sunday {286-292}

i woke up full of promise, excited to clean my room and hang some stuff up but then it all went down hill. being a girl never sucks but right now, it does. 
my upper body is on my bed and my bottom half is hanging off as i sit/lay on a stool and trust me its uncomfortable but i have never been so comfortable in my life!

lets get started!

286 //
i bought these ears off of etsy for a party i went to this past Friday. i wanted to be Louise from Bob's Burgers but i was afraid they weren't going to be here on time so instead i dressed up as Tina. 
i ended up getting the ears on time but by then it was too late since i had already bought everything else. :(
but still I AM IN LOOOVE!!!
these are so good!!! 
i may never take them off again. just like Louise!
the fit is great, the ears stand up great and don't fall in any way (the way she wired them, amazing job!) 
i gave her a super duper amazing review on etsy. anything else bob related from hers im definitely buying! 
287 //
i got sent to DLTA for work last week so i took a mini road trip to catch the new @bumblebeelovesyou (and collab) piece. ahhh!!! my third one! (: cant wait to catch more. 
288 // 
nothing like cute new rings to encourage a gal to finally paint her nails!
289 //
saw this at the beach on my run! 
290 // 
last year the pumpkins were painted and glittered. this year they're little business men! 
291 //
mushroom pathway while running! (: 
292 //
simply breathtaking! <3
its so nice that the sun is setting earlier than usual. its finally cooler at night but i still miss wearing sweaters and my one and only peacoat during the day but ill take it! 
send me some snow if you're in a snowy area! 

thanks for reading along. 
have a good rest of your weekend and an awesome week ahead!
i have Kimbra on Friday (i sold my Thursday ticket because school! :( ) but still, im sooo excited!!!
also, follow along on my instagram. i post there all the time. 
lets be friends. 

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