only 2 years and 20 days since i last saw Kimbra
but who's keeping count. ;)

i must say solo missions are the best. 
no one wanted to go and i wasnt about to miss out so by myself i went. 
and i met some pretty cool people. 
i was originally supposed to go on Thursday as well to her show at The Roxy but i ended up selling my ticket because school and you know, responsible adult (read: not wanting to miss class!) 
she was SO GOOD the night i saw her i wasnt even mad that i missed Thursday. 

i left right after work and got there around 545 almost 6 to a small line and once inside i got pretty close. "2nd row" if that's what you want to call it. 

as always, a million pictures (just 10 or so)
i guess the good thing about me waiting to post has got to bet that i get to weed out the "bad" pictures cause if not this post would be never ending! 

enjoy! (: 

she played mostly her entire new album i believe and a lot of her old stuff from her first album. 
it was amazing. 
she has energy but WOAH! she was on another level! <3 
she was sooo good live and just the way she performs. 

i was soooo in love that i texted my friend asking him when she was performing at life is beautiful in vegas juuuust to make the trip out there to see her again. 

seriously, if ya get the chance, catch her. you will not be disappointed. 

after this solo trip (even though ive done solo before!) i made myself a promise that i will go to any show my little heart desires by myself no matter what!
it was so much fun and i met some pretty cool people that i don't even mind it. plus side, while waiting in line i got to get some reading done. 
what a blast!!!! haha. 

here's a little crappy video i took but if you youtube her at the Santa Ana observatory you can see how great she was!
and here are some really great professional photos! dont miss out! (i see my hand comes out in one! eeek!) 

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