Snapshot Sunday {321-327}

there's reasoning for my lateness at the end...but when on the road in the mountains with NO reception what is a gal to do? :D
321 //
my new bob's burger wallet from Danny Brito's etsy shop
best $12 ive ever spent! 
and it fits all my cards so i dont have to be digging in line to find my debit!
this is the face of a woman celebrating a promotion AND a raise at work!!!
on of our chicks left and she did billing and all that sort so i threw my name in there! boom! got the position! im sooo excited! im so excited!!!
323 //
me, Charlene and Monique. 
the Vegas trio back in action! (only for a few minutes though cause char had to bounce!)
324 //
i went to Pho (shocking!) and i love that they still had all their Halloween decorations!
i specially love their open / close sign!
i also love my friggin phone's camera!
325 //
love this nail polish color!!!
i got it at target. its a partner thing with secret deodorant and something about bullying. 
326 //
while waiting in line for the Capital Cities concert (coming up soon!) i came up on this little star!
right by the Fonda theater!
327 //
waiting for breakfast with these two!
"Monique!, play dead!" -Charlene
plans for we come!!

see, what had happened was.....
i took a last minute really unplanned super fun trip to Vegas this Saturday!
i got off work at 245 and by 6 we were on the road. 

we were planning on being there by 1030 maybe even 11. 
the way Monique drives, we made it by 945. we shaved off an entire hr!!!
but that bit us in the ass yesterday when we left!

let me start by saying that when i drive to Vegas, hungover or not, were on the road by 9 the latest on the day we have to head back home. being stuck in traffic is NOT my deal. 
well yesterday we left at 1. 

on Saturday, we went to run an errand with no place to crash so were were basically going to bust an all nighter. 
we ended up staying at our friend Charlene's house (thank you char!!!) we woke up at like 11 (fun leslie fact: if i've drank the night before im ALWAYS up by 7 or 8) i had woken up at 745 but i went back to sleep because we couldnt leave until we met up with Charlene. 
we ended up having breakfast at 12 and leaving at 1. 

we were good on traffic and BOOM!!!! out of nowhere, traffic. 
we left at 1pm. we didnt get to state line until almost 6. it shouldnt take that long. 
we didnt get home until 1045. at one point we were 1 mile from state line and Google maps was saying it was going to take an 1hr 7 mins. we checked again and it said 1hr 20 minutes!!! we moved forwards but back in time!
9 hrs on the road!!? 
crazy! as soon as i got home i showered and went to bed!

it was a 9 hr drive because A) they discovered a woman's body on the 215 at like 6 am. b) there was a fatal car accident earlier in the morning as well and c) while on the road there was ANOTHER accident!!! 


all in all we finally made it home in one piece. 
fun made up road games, dice decided that i will be alone forever because they kept telling me to do everything by myself and sooo much more!
over all a fun 1 night trip. 
i love Monique! craziest gal i know for sure. 

thanks for reading! (: 

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