Snapshot Sunday // 7

i didnt forget guys!
my computer was just acting up before i left to work and i just got home. 
as i type this, its POURING outside. 
i can hear it everywhere and its just about the most beautiful sound ever. 
i wish i was cuddled up in bed. but i gotta shower send out some cards and i should do hw but lets face it, i wont. plus my backpack is in my car which speaking of.....

here's my new backpack!
im class of 06 and ive had the same (falling apart) backpack since before then. 
so i just got this one, well my sis got it for me. 
guys, i can go in to the forest and get spotted immediately. its stupid how bright it is. 
i love it!  
speaking of love, remember those heart garlands i made? 
they have all reached their destinations! <3
the first set is in England!!!!
second set went to Carlee in North Carolina!!!
and the last set went to Danielle New Zealand!!! (pictured: her daughter with the mimi's i sent her! isnt she JUST THE CUTEST!!!)
im so super uber happy all the gals loved em! <3
school findings
we've been going to this Chinese food place since before i was born!
religiously every Thursday we would go eat as a fam. 
i remember my dad would then give us a dollar afterwards and we'd go to the 99 c store across the street and it was the best thing ever!!!!
i love that Lisa already knows me and my order! ahh! i love this place!!!
those eyes! <3
meaning since she got her haircut she can now see lol
i loved this print as soon as i saw it!
ABM is killin it with this happy mail stuff! <3 <3 <3
i said the babes would make an appearance....well chester's sorta in the pic. 
the way he stretches is a joke!
went to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate Jay's bday (her birthday is tomorrow). after dinner, i took them up to Palos Verdes for the view!
i've been here so many times but im always afraid to get off cause apparently, i am petrified of the dark. these two just straight up took a hike! haha
happy birthday baby girl!
her sleeping! <3
shes simply the best!
okay so if im being honest my monthly goal for feb was to do at least 3 outfits posts. while i dont take pics like that to suffice its own post, i feel that at least blogging about it on SS counts so i just need 1 more!
this was on Friday. i cannot even tell you how many compliments i got! i felt sooooo pretty!!! <3 
then i went to my second job and this dude that's trying to take me out saw me and i took his breath away. 
you know when a groom sees his bride to be walking down the aisle and he just, the look on his face!
it was kinda like that. seriously the best feeling ever! 
the funny thing is, this is an outfit i wear kinda repeatedly, i just added a belt. but i loved it!
reason why i was sooo hopped up on Saturday at work. i was wired!

well guys, its off to sleep!
thanks for reading! <3 have a good week!

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