2014: Movie Edition

what an odd picture. ha. 
last year as i was sitting in a movie theater on the 31st of January, i realized that i didn't really go to the movies that much in 2013 and i wanted to change that. 
then and there i decided, one movie a month. boom! another (small but fun) resolution made. 

i had decided i wanted to write a post about it (just for fun) but i had completely forgotten about it until i started cleaning out my board. 

let's do a little catch up shall we? ;)

1. that awkward moment
i saw this one solely because it had Michael B. Jordan and i have the HUGEST crush on him. #yum! i like that it was a total chick flick but from a guys point of view. and that scene where Effron shows up to the party with his "wang" out, pretty funny! i haven't seen it since but i do remember liking it. 
its on my "watch it again" list. 
(i was given tickets by my job to go so no money spent! except the trip before to tgif!) 

2. cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. 
ahhh!! was this movie not the cutest! i loved it! i loved Berry!!!!! i think it was probably better than the first one!
($1.50 for the movie, cant beat that!)

3. about last night. 
im not going to lie, i had forgotten what this movie was about. so i YouTube'd it. 
i cant believe i forgot it! i loved it!!! Kevin Hart is sooo funny!
typical chick flick love story! im not going to lie, i think i might have cried a little bit. 
on the "watch it again" list. also, i remember geeking out when i saw Broadway Bar cause i've been there. haha.
(i think i paid for this one. meh, it was worth it) 

4. neighbors. 
this was the year of Effron. i think, i don't know . but i love Seth Rogen so no doubt i was going to see it. 
i liked it!
(i think i paid. iduno.)

5. Cpt. America
HOLY SMOKES! these are not my kind of movies. so i would have skipped this one if not for Frank. I LOVED IT!!!!! i mean, what else can i say. im sure you've seen it. 
(he paid. thx F.)

6. the lego movie
i honestly didn't care to see this movie. then it was at the $3 movie theater and i was sold. 
im so glad i saw this movie because it was HIGHLARIOUS! yea its a kids movie but it has so much adult humor in it! 
im seriously checking netflix to see if available. 

7. ride along. 
another Kevin Hart movie. i liked it but i wasn't crazy about it. it did have some pretty good scenes though. 

8. the fault in our stars. 
you KNOW i had to go see that one! saw the 10pm showing the day before release date. 
it had been a while since i had read the book but i do feel the movie did a good job.
i didn't hate it. i liked it lots...in fact...

9. the other woman. 
i wanted to see this movie sooooo bad but no one wanted to go with me. don't get me wrong, ill go to the movies by myself but i got super lazy with this one. im super glad i did. while it didn't hardcore suck lets just say im way happier knowing i paid $3 vs $12. this one is on the DO NOT watch again list. 

10. 22 jump street. 
ya seen the first one? basically the same thing but in college. however it was funny on its own! i specially liked the end when they start making of themselves 23/24/25/37 jump street. 

11. think like a man too. 
good year for Kevin Hart. i LOVED this movie. went with Monique and man, we were laughing the entire time!!!! loved it loved it loved it!
definitely on my to watch about 100 more times list. 

12. a million ways to die in the west. 
is that the complete title? did you see it? i didn't! this was a date (?) 
we meant to see this one and then just ended up going in to the fault in our stars. 
i was game and he wanted to see it so off we went!
(how was this movie?) 

13. guardians of the galaxy. 
HOLY SMOKES!!!!! why are these not my go to movies! i LOVED it!!!! loved it loved it looooved it! groot and rocket and chris (yum) pratt! and ahhhh!!! love love loved it. 
did i say that a lot? granted im not a huge comic book person so i have no idea what the heck i was meant to be watching but i was so game. 

14. lucy
gotta love the $3 movie theater. this was a movie this dude i was seeing wanted to see then i saw the trailer and i was like okay. then i saw it was playing at the $3 theater and i was like HECK YEA! i seriously liked this movie. i heard some people say it was pretty dumb and "basic" (whatever that means) but i seriously liked it. behind all the hoopla and the 100% memory crap the message was a good one (at least what i got from it) take care of this effin planet man. reduce, reuse, recycle! erm. well you know what i mean!

15. big eyes. 
i didn't even know Tim Burton was coming out with a new movie. Moni told me about it and i was game cause i wasn't really doing anything on xmas day. i liked it considering i have no idea what i was watching. i suggest you check it out! (based on a true story) 

overall, i think i did good. i set out to watch at least 1 movie a month and while i don't think i went every month i did more than 12 so haaay!
im thinking of doing this again this year and i already have my January movie at the $3 movie theater. 

what did you watch 2014? 
and what do you recommend i watch?


  1. I've only seen one movie on this list so far, the other woman. Like you I couldnt wait to watch it. It was crap!
    There's quite a few movies here I'd like to see though!


    1. ahh! i thought i was the only one! i think out of all the movies last year that was the one i was most excited for and the one that sucked the hardest!!!!

      have a movie binge night and i suggest you watch think like a man too, guardians and Cpt. America. i think those are my top 3!


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