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Cape Remix-9
these shoes! <3
Conversation Heart Magnets | this heart of mine
these magnets are cuute!
free valentines
cute vday cards!
(and i know im LATE but still, pass these ANY TIME of the year! <3)
i want to make this background!!!! sooo cuteee!!!
(specially if the instructions require that you watch Gilmore Girls!)

love this version of a jewelry hanger!
too bad i ain't got jewelry!!

You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself.
Weekly Wears
i love how Katie looks in these pictures!
so pretty!
Macrame garlands for your next party. Find the full tutorial on www.aBeautifulMess
this looks really easy to make!
i can make this to use as  headboard since i have nothing!
(i know, I've said that before but this looks super easy!!)
DIY Emoji Coasters
looks like the emoji trend isn't going anywhere soon and i ain't even mad about it!
these look so easy to make and they're such a good idea to gift for a house warming party!!!


  1. I want those magnets!!
    I hear ya on the jewelry front! I be lackin in that department too haha



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