Snapshot Sunday // 4

this weeks ss is all mostly about rain! cause we FINALLY got some out here in California! i loooved it. i was so bummed i had to go to work!

lets get to it!
you can baaarely see itbut look! a rainbow! i was sooo happy! i got off work on friday went to go pay my insurance and as i was walking back to my car i spotted it! i was all amazed!
Parenthood is OVER!!! insert all of the crying emojis and broken hearts! 
this show was everything! oh so good! 
its just beyond words how amazing it was. im definitely over Thursday's now cause what else is there?
luckily, all seasons (except 6...yet) are on netflix. however, since i own season 1 im going to start from the beginning and buy the rest as i go. 
i will miss you Braverman's. 
seriously the best (fake) family out there. 
there will never be another show out there like this. 
(and if you have NEVER seen it a) what is wrong with you!!!? and b) watch it NOW!) 
i seriously think this year is going to be a quiet one. its okay. 
the one thing i LOVE about Coachella (not the line up thats for sure) is that it brings most artists to local venues. case in point: KIMBRA!!!! seeing her for the 3rd time and i cannot wait!!!
this is another solo mission for me and i cannot waaaiit!!!!if youre there stop by and i say hi!
babes! <3 i love how they sleep!
21 & 27 Disneyland birthday pins!
sister time! this was at the la art show. well on our way there

a) can you believe its already Feb!!!! gah!
b) i FINALLY have a book to write about coming up!
c) are you ready for the Super Bowl!???? i freaking am! GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!! (sorry Carlee! lol) 
unfortunately, i will be at work so i cant see it at my cousins like we do yearly! BUT they will have the game on at work so ill be getting paid to watch it. no matter what i win! yaaay!!!

have a great Super Bowl (its okay if you're just there for the half time show) Sunday!!!


  1. I can't believe you got me hooked on Parenthood!!! I'm trying not to binge watch because it is so distracting. lol Patrick was like don't watch that, it's all drama and shit but he was watching behind my back! LOL P.S. That sunset picture is beautiful.

    1. i TOLD you!!!!
      its drama but not in the sense that were used too!
      thats why its sooooo good because its all family and its oh so good! and it just gets better!!!
      i saw the finale again last night and i was able to sorta make it without crying!!!
      tell patrick to let you be lol! i know he likes it also and if he doesnt ill buy him a donut or something lol!
      i cant wait til you get to the end! youre going to LOVE it!!!!

      thanks! <3

  2. I really like these Snapshot Sundays and some great pictures!
    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to know what it's all about check out my most recent post; I think it's a fun way to reach out and get to know fellow bloggers!

    1. thanks so much!!!
      its funny how i started this blog for reading purposes and im more about photography (well not that great!) but thanks sooo much!!!
      i will definitely be answering these questions!!!!

      <3 - Les

  3. Oooh well, I'm excited for Coachella; I better be or that was a waste of tickets. But I agree about it bringing artists closer to us. Yay. So glad SoCal got some rain. I want more!

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. have you done coachella before?
      coachella is what you make it! so its going to be SO much fun!!!!! i had a blast.
      its worth it. i like the line up but not super crazy. i went when RHCP headlined! the good thing about that is i caught them at the fonda a month before! i looove coachella!
      have lots of fun for me!
      also, take when you get in to the festival (not the grounds but inside inside!) take your own TP. trust me lol! and always lock the door. who knows how many girls i walked in on!

      have fun! ;*


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