Emily McDowell Studio // Valentine Fogcasting

talk about advertising!
welp folks!, its almost Valentines Day and for someone us, we're already celebrating. 
the lovely Emily McDowell was asking on her instagram to submit love stories. whether good or bad or anything!!!!
soooo, i submitted mine. 
while i didnt quite make it to her IG page she included me in an awesome video (that ill post as soon as i find out how to!) but here's the other version!

guys!, i was in the fog in San Francisco!! well my name was but effin still!!!! eeeekkk!!!!
that seriously cheered me up!!! specially since im thinking of hitting up big sur at the end of this month!
how eeeexciting!!!!
ill probably post my failed "love" story on here soon cause why not you know! ;) 

happy early valentines day everyone!

i hope its a good one NO MATTER who you're spending it with!


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