Snapshot Sunday // 5

i won an instagram giveaway!!!! :D 
as promised the first x amount of people (8) that liked the picture are getting a card! 
most are local in California but one is making its way all the way to Germany! eeek!!!
ill seriously get around to posting my room! i promise ive just been so buuusy!!!! but i wanted to share this little piece of wall because you see that cute little fox up there? 
its a calendar my sister bought me at the $.99 store! sooo effin cute!!! 
i'd also like to point out that my curtain is actually an ikea shower curtain that i cut up! bahaha. too bad im loosing that window soon! :(
are you a planner addict? 
i am. i love them so but im SO picky. this one from sugar paper la that i scored at target is the best!!
im thinking of doing a post on it which is kinda weird cause what would i say? but thats how much i LOVE it! i also like to drive with no gas apparently. 
i swear this is a regular sized cupcake. so good!
also, i LOVE that picture on my screen saver. its from when i went to big sur! <3
foggy mornings! its crazy how foggy its been lately. 
never have i hated a frozen yogurt in my life! :(
all i wanted for lunch was yogurt. 
why do i hate it? because if i hadnt had gone to get some, i probably wouldnt have dropped my phone and FINALLY broken my screen. sad face. 
that and they didnt have mango there. wtf?!
felt like Santa Claus going to the post office to drop off some goodies. 
heading out to New Zealand, England and North Carolina! (eeek!)
member that sauce i was talking about? 
thats the bottle. and also that scratcher they gave me! :D
probably as close as ill get to an outfit post. 
i should really try though. 
i know im sposed to post both babes but Chester just wasnt feeling it this week. 
so here's chonch sunbathing. 
she kills me! <3

im off to work BUT im off early so i get to enjoy some of my Sunday. 
hope you have a good weekend!


  1. That fox calendar is so cute! & that yogurt looks delicious!


  2. So many darling snaps, and yay, on winning the giveaway!!! <3 Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment! Excited to help you with your blog... can't wait to see what template you pick. Email me if you have any questions!! xo


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