Snail Mail // New Job - Gladys!

hey guys!
im here! last week was hectic with 2 jobs and school starting up. i learned the hard way that NO MATTER what, i am not a morning person. at least not when i need to be awake and somewhere by 7 am! so i made adjustments and i think im going to be okay! 

last month i bought the ABM happy mail pack because it was TOO cute to pass up. i was afraid of commitment so i did the month to month deal. i guess i forgot that they will charge you UNTIL you actually cancel it with them so i got charged for this months as well. 
luckily, i like this months deal too so i signed up for 6 months! (1 year is too much of a commitment. but lets face it, i will probably sign up for it anyways.)

of course, what am i going to do with a trillion cards!? 
send em out! duh les!
and ive decided to start a new snail mail series where i show you what i do send out when i send 'em out! but lets face it, its mostly cause these cards are so effin adorable and it hurts my heart to part with them so what better way to track them lol!
so here's to a new blog series!!! (that im bummed i started late cause ive sent some good ones out recently!!!)

so to start of the series, here is the super duper itty bitty cute card that im sending out to my friend Gladys!
She just started a new job on Monday and ive been texting her like crazy to tell her good luck and see how she did and how it went and when i saw this card i instantly though of her!

as you can see above, the card was plain so i just added some washi tape. but i still loved how it looked plain!
also, the love coupon was from last months ABM's happy mail. 
i was thinking to myself "who the heck am i going to use these on? i aint got no man!" but then of course, they could be used for anyone! so i sent her one for a coffee date (she wants to go to a new place by my house) or even better, a dinner date at our favorite Chinese (i see i spelled it wrong! ._.) place!
super sloppy writing but i think its the pen! i have different writing with different pens. 
also, MEOW! its something we've always said to each other since high school! it usually means like wtf! i dont know its our own little thing! :)
its never too early for Halloween! and i also wanted to seal the envelope a little bit more!

im so excited to see where this series goes! 
if yer on instagram, follow me! and follow the hashtag #lessnailmail  i have more stuff posted on there!

thanks for reading. 
have a great Wednesday!

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