Birthday Babes // Jay & Laine

i kept it fairly simple for these gals. mostly because i was running late and cause sometimes less is (a little bit) more. 

these 2 are going out to Jaydeen and Elaine who have a birthday today and well, yesterday!

i love how the Happy Birthday Jay came out! (on the left card) 
i love how the lighting came out on this one! lol
this is a card from the ABM happy mail package that i got this month. 
as soon as i saw i thought JAY!!! and i posted it on instagram and she basically called dibs.  great minds think alike!
for Laine's card i used a happy birthday card from a stack i already had. i swear those insta sales are what get me! i got holiday cards and birthday card and just because cards and i looove it!
(also the candles remind me of the ones i got for my birthday!)
(no love coupons were used in the making, i just needed to block her address!)

i sent these out today and i cant wait for them to receive em!
specially since im late. i think a little happy birthday wish AFTER is probably even better. :D
thank for reading!

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