How To Love by Katie Cotugno

published: 2013
isbn: 9780062216373
read: ? - 2/10/2015

whaat?! 2 books in one month!? yeah man! the power of an inneresting book!
i just finished this last night (well on 2/10/15 anyways) and i was beyond eager to write about it (mostly cause i forget everything super fast) I'm not sure the exact date of when i started this but i read it pretty fast. 

i had first seen it barnes and noble and i liked the cover (the one i posted above not the one in the link) but the $15.99 price tag (i think it was) kinda made me think twice about it. added it to my mental wish list and left it alone. then Google play had a blow out book sale and BOOM! got it for $.99c! or $2.99. i think it was $2.99. either way, that's still a steal!

anyways, lets get to it! 

let me start by saying that being a teenager is already hard enough as it is. then you throw love in the mix and boom! and then you throw being all secretive about it and explosion!!!
okay no but seriously. 

this book is based on Reena (real name Serena) & Sawyer. 
she loves him, he loves her, she wont say anything and then they have a baby. its good but its bad, he leaves, she stays, she hates him and then they end up together. 

"people gettin' at it in broad daylight,"  Shelby said brightly, pulling out into traffic. "That's how you know the terrorists haven't won.'"

because i still haven't taught myself how to write about a book without containing spoilers, leeet's get to it. but i mean, if ya don't want to know anymore, stop here and also, the above descriptions is really what its all about!

so, Reena has been in love with Sawyer since they were youngn's. their families are very involved in each others lives. well...were. 
she has liked him for what seems like forever and her best friend Allie knew since forever so its quite a shocker when you find out that she decides to go behind Reena's back and date Sawyer. 
what a b!
its safe to say they are no longer friends after that. 

fast forward, yes Allie is dating sawyer so you're probably wondering how Reena and Sawyer have a kid if hes with Allie? well, Allie dies. 
turns out Reena being all secretive about it kinda backfires on her because Sawyer has liked her all along and i think a lot of the crap could have been cut out (look at me talking like its a real life story ._.) had she been outspoken about it but i think the "beauty" that lies in it is that she was set to leave her hometown and become this great person (not saying that she still cant. here i go again!) but then boom! life happens. (don't have unprotected sex kids. better yet don't have sex. cause then you'll get pregnant and die. gotta love mean girls!)
she was a total good-doer. and well Sawyer, he was kind of in his party animal i think she thought maybe she'd outgrow him or something or that she could change him. 

anyways, low and behold she's pregnant. 
and he leaves. 
in his defense, he didn't know cause she didn't open her mouth. cause that's what she's known for. 
fast forwards 2 years, he comes back. 
while he hasn't been in touch for said years, he knew about Hannah, their daughter. its so weird to see them interact just cause, well basically she hates him for leaving but its not like he knew! so she cant really be mad at him. and yes he knew but a) i wont tell you why he doesn't come back like right away!, b) he did try actually but Reena's dad..UGH!!!! and c) Reena, gosh! (okay i forgot what c was but it was a very good point!) oh yea! man she's hard headed that one. 

its crazy how everything that happens is sort of all intertwined (i mean, isn't that with EVERY story...but still you get what i mean!) i loove it. 

in the end, i will spoil it for you!, yes, Reena and Sawyer end up together. although, i mean its not written on the paper but you get the gist of it. but i mean a road trip with a baby!? like just you and your baby? I'm scared to go in to my own backyard past like 7pm!!!! let alone travel the states and then add a baby to the mix! if you have the guts to do this, i applaud you!!

so that's it! and hey what do you know? i didn't completely spoil it for ya!
there's A LOT i left out!!!!

in other news, i was cruising facebook and i found my next read for $1.99. i CANNOT wait to get started. 
i love you Jill Mansell!!!

thanks for reading!
and if you've read this book let me know what you think!


  1. the cover is cute! might have to check it out next, thanks for sharing :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. right? thats what suckered me in! its a cute quick little read.
      thanks for reading! (:


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