Hello February!

feb 2014 (sorry for the missing pictures. i honestly dont think ill be restoring them. its in the past!) 

how was the first month of 2015 for you all? 
mine was quiet to say the least. well, a lot of Anarchy with Monique but that's about it. 

how was your first day of February? 
mine was G R E A T !!!!

lets list the may ways: 

1. Super Bowl Sunday: it really is self explanatory! but the half time show. not crazy about it. ive always wanted to see Katy Perry in concert. got it yesterday, im good. 
im definitely NOT saying that she was bad because she wasnt. what im trying to say is that... ITS THE SUPER BOWL!!!! hype it up! playing fireworks (although i do like the message) and teenage dream? no. its the SUPER BOWL! (im yelling that out!) play some super upbeat music! pump it up. make me want to run around yelling at the top of my lungs! not sit at my seat waiting for the game to start. nice try but no dice. for me anyways. well see next year

2. The Patriots won!!! HELL YES!!! i mean! did you see that interception!!? gah! i sorta missed it because i was watching it at work and ALL the guys were surrounding the tv so i got to see the playback. 
i love when i hear the commentators say "that's the thing about the Patriots. they dont crumble under pressure. they thrive." way to go guys! although, im not sure how i feel about Brady winning the MVP. i mean yea i guess but ya know....what do i know. i just yell when i need too. 

3. i got paid to watch the game cause i was at work. i also got some free spaghetti. apparently the dude i work with made this spaghetti sauce back in the days for his daughters class and it ended up winning and now its sold on shelves and all that stuff. thats awesome. as soon as i sat down, they gave me a scratcher. i didnt win but hey! then the guy who had given it to me ended up winning 5 bucks on his scratcher so he gave it to me! woohoo! i also joined a pool on the game but i lost. :/ the first 2 quarters were $300 each and the last one was $1100. can you imagine winning that!? i would have won but it was pats vs hawks not hawks vs pats....thats what screwed me out of $300. oh well. you win some. you lose some. 

basically, the first of Feb was all about Super Bowl and i am a-okay with that. i know its too soon but hurry up Sept. i miss football already. 

okay! so, for my monthly goal of January, i am glad to announce that i did in fact dump out my closet! woohoo! ill post a picture soon. i didnt get to do my arts and crafts stuff but my closet is sooo empty-ish. theres space now. now, i am going to turn over all my clothes at the end of Feb whatever hasnt been worn is getting dumped as well (donated actually!) 

im still thinking about February's goal. but like i said, better late than never.

any who, i feel like i've rambled on long enough! 
hope your Feb is off to a great start!

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